6 Fun Facts about Idaho

If you are moving to a new state, it is always a good idea to get to know it a little bit before the big day. Find out what is interesting about it -- fun facts and what not. But what if you are coming to Idaho? What fun facts are there about that? In Idaho's case, many people think that all there is to know are potatoes and Bronco Football. Well, if you are under the same impression, check out these awesome, and fairly unknown facts about Idaho. You'll be glad you did.

1. Idaho is the greatest state of all time

If you didn't know this already, you are about to. Idaho isn't all mountains and forests, even though those are pretty awesome in and of themselves, Idaho is the ideal combination of city and country life. And not just one kind of country life, almost every kind of country life you can imagine. Idaho has mountains, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, open valleys, and expansive wilderness; all of which you may enjoy with ease for a day or two and come back home to your warm and familiar bed at night.

Not to mention, you may also spend an afternoon or night in the city, eating some of the delicious food and having fun! Idaho is also home to many businesses in many different industries so, if you are searching for a job, or just like to have variety in your business and personal shopping, then you will have no worries coming to Idaho.

2. The City of Wallace, Idaho has been officially declared the Center of the Universe

After reading this fact, the first one doesn't sound as proud anymore, right?

In the early 2000's, the mayor of Wallace Idaho declared it as the center of the universe. According to the website Wallace-idaho.com/centeroftheuniverse, the dubbing of the city as the center of the universe was, at first, a joke. They say that it was in response to the statement that 'if a thing cannot be disproven, it is thereby proven.' So, since you can't prove that Wallace Idaho is not the center of the universe, it must be probable that it is. There are now banners that welcome people to "Wallace, Idaho: the Center of the Universe" and there even manhole covers that have it in scripted on them as well. In more serious terms, however, there is now a Center of the Universe nonprofit corporation that gives scholarships to local deserving kids who are going on to seek higher education.

The center of the universe thing is just all in good fun and makes for a great conversation starter. So, make sure to take time to visit the center of the universe when you make your move to Idaho!

3. The Boise State Broncos play on a blue field

If you follow college football at all, then you probably know of the famous blue turf that the Boise State Broncos play on. The blue field, often referred to as 'the Smurf Turf' is a long standing tradition here in Boise and, since it was put in place before the NCAA created a strictly green turf policy, it will continue to stay a tradition for quite a long time.

The interesting thing about the blue field is that it is not just a strange color, it was the first nontraditional green field in the NCAA. Because it was the first, Boise State University owns the rights to have a nontraditional green field. They allow anyone to color their field as they see fit, though, as long as it is not blue or orange. After Boise State came up with their blue field, there are now only six more universities that have colored fields. These other universities only use red and grey at the moment.

Another fun fact about the Boise State blue field: the NFL made a rule saying that nontraditional green could not be played on. (Keep in mind this is NFL, not NCAA). When they made this rule, however, they named it 'the Boise Rule' since it was the good old Broncos that inspired the movement.

4. It is estimated that close to 1/3 of the United State's potatoes are grown in Idaho

Alright, you can't have a list about Idaho and not say anything about the potatoes. It's no secret that Idaho has a lot of potatoes. . . No, scratch that, they have lots of amazing potatoes. They are world famous, even if they aren't even Idaho potatoes in general. But what happened to make the Idaho potato so well known? Well, it all goes back to a deal made between two businessmen: J.R. Simplot (an Idaho potato farmer) and Ray Crock (the CEO of McDonalds). These two men struck a deal, one that was sealed with a handshake, which leads to J.R. Simplot Company to being the provider of about half the frozen fries for McDonalds.

5. Idaho is home to North America's largest sand dune (470 Feet tall)

As we said earlier, Idaho is a very diverse place. You can have mountains one direction and a desert in the other. Southern Idaho is a high desert as it is the most northern part of the Great Basin that encompasses Utah and Nevada. It is only about 1/8 of the state or so, but it still is a big part of Idaho's outdoor adventuring culture.

One part of the desert that attracts more people than others is the Bruneau Sand Dune State Park, home of the tallest sand dune in North America. It is a massive 470 feet tall and is a popular place to camp and play. Many people bring their sleds and take a few trips down the sandy slopes.

6. Idaho is home to one of the largest lakes in the United States (38th largest to be exact)

In Northern Idaho, there are a lot of mountain lakes, but few compare to the awesome Lake Pend Oreille (Pronounced Pond O'ray). Lake Pend Oreille is the 38th largest lake in the United States with bays and shores on all sides that make it perfect for a summer vacation. It is perfect for boating, swimming, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and wake surfing -- along with pretty much every other kind of water activity.

So, there you go, six things that you probably didn't know about Idaho. There is more where that came from, though, so keep searching for more did you knows about Idaho on our website!

To learn more about Idaho, the Treasure Valley, or just Boise in general, contact one of our licensed real estate agents. Better yet, if you don't live here already, come check out Idaho for yourself.