Homes for sale with acreage

In the course of events, you may find that when searching for a house to make your own, you have come to own a home with a lot of land that surrounds it. Once you get out of the cities and the suburbs, you will find that there is a lot of undeveloped land that is just waiting to be turned into something new and exciting. If you have suddenly come to possess land that stretches to the horizon, or even just beyond what a normal house’s backyard is, and you are not quite sure what to do with all this new space, here are some creative and potentially beneficial options that are available to you.

You might consider starting a farm. You can take this idea as far as you like. Maybe your ambitions are limited to a simple garden where you grow a few interesting plants, but nothing meant to be sold or lived off of. Take it a step up from that and you can have yourself a subsistence garden, possibly saving you some money and a trip to the grocery store. You might even find you like the taste of the food you grow yourself far more than anything that can be bought from a cash register. Things take on a really wonderful taste and aroma when you grow them yourself.

Gardening to save money or as a passion project is something you probably have already considered, but you might open up your land to the rest of the community. Bring in friends and neighbors to take advantage of your extra land and set up their own gardens. But make sure to set out rule for what they can and cannot do. Make sure you enforce the rules you set out, by looking at more than just your own end of the garden and kindly asking anyone who does not comply to leave. A fun community project can turn into a real nightmare if everyone is not completely on board.

At the really high end is full on farming, with expensive motorized equipment and maybe even some livestock. Here is where you want to really have your ducks in a row. It is possible to absolutely ruin your land if you go about farming in the wrong way, to the point that nothing will grow in the soil again for years or until you change out the majority of the dirt (And be honest, you are not going to do that). Get to know the ins and out of farming. Learning the craft can often be as fun and interesting as actually practicing the craft. The wonderful thing is if you do not want to do the work of a farmer, but still want the benefit of a farm, you might be able to bring in an existing farmer to turn your land into something useful. You will have to be willing to give over a lot of control over the land, but if you were not going to be doing the farming yourself, you should be okay with this. But again, do not let your land be taken advantage of. Learn what it is the people who are working it are doing, and find out if it is something you are okay with. It will always be your land, so you are well within your rights (Unless you have signed a contract) to kick people out.

A novel idea for your extra land is to do nothing with it. It might be in your interest to make no changes or additions to the land. This will let the area move along as nature intended, with the plant and wildlife flourishing where no human touch will repress it. How do you like the sound of waking up to find deer hoping around your backyard or the visiting of other exotic animals? Doing nothing does not mean you are off the hook as far as work is concerned. You will probably have to set up a fence to keep human influence out of your little natural preserve. Put out signs to warn trespassers away, especially those that might find your land the ideal spot to do some hunting. This kind of outside influence will ruin whatever natural appeal you are going for.

If you are especially environmentally conscious, you might use the extra land to set up a different kind of farm. Energy farming has become a serious trend in the United States but rooftop solar panels can only do so much, and even Elon Musk’s solar roof cannot compete against a field of solar panels. This is an expensive proposition (Even just rooftop solar panels are pricy), but you can save quite a bit of money by forgoing part of your energy bill, and maybe even being a source of energy for people beyond yourself. There are legal constraints when other houses and entities are involved, but there are options available to you. Beyond just farming the suns energy, you can also harness the power of the wind. Wind turbines are certainly something you cannot set up in a suburban neighborhood, but when you have a whole bunch of acres to yourself, what is to stop you? You might think windmills are unsightly, but there are things you can do to make them blend in or changes you can make to turn something ugly into something beautiful and unique.

There are a lot of options available to you when you have a lot of land and nothing to do with it. Some of it can even save or earn you money, or if that is not your concern, you can focus on having fun or returning the environment to its natural glory. It is really all up to how far you can take your imagination.