Backyard Games and Decor

In Boise, homeowners are relatively lucky. This is because, compared to a lot of places in the world, there is a lot of land here. Compared to bigger cities, Boiseans have a quite large backyards, and there are lot of fun things you can do with it. Here are a few games and decor ideas to spruce up your Boise backyard, whether it is big, or small.


If your backyard has even a little room, it is always great to gather with friends to play yard games. One yard game that is getting particularly popular is the wooden block stacking game (very much the same as the game Jenga). This game can be made, or bought. It is played with 54 pieces of wood (where the length of each piece is three times the width.) To set up the game you stack the blocks in rows of three, where each level the direction the blocks are lain is perpendicular to the layer beneath it. Each player takes a turn pulling a block from the stack and placing it on the top of the stack or to the side (players preference). The game ends when someone knocks down the stack. You then restack and play again.

Another great yard game is Giant Scrabble. It is played exactly like normal Scrabble, but the letter tiles are about six inches by six inches. The board is also going to be a lot larger than the normal Scrabble board (approximately five or six times the size). However, if you don't want to deal with the game board, you can just lay the words in the grass, or on prearranged bricks. Giant Scrabble is a great way to enjoy a relaxing board game and enjoy the comfort of the warm Boise weather.

Much like the previous two games, you can also buy/ purchase lawn checkers/chess. This again gives you an opportunity to play a nice relaxing game, while still enjoying the outdoors.

Ladder Golf is a game that has begun to be a very trendy yard game. It is easily made or purchased. The first step is to make two of the ladders. The skematics can be found online, but essentially it is a three rung, freestanding ladder that is no bigger than four feet tall. Next you take six golf balls and drill a hole straight through them. Then you take three sections of rope that are about a foot or so long and tie a golf ball on either end. Place the ladders as far apart as you'd like and you can play.

The Game is played like so: A player stands at his own ladder and tosses the golf ball ropes and tries to get them stuck on the rungs of the opponents ladder. Each rung has a different point value. The player with the most points after they both have gone, wins. The game can be played with anywhere from two to six people (If more than two then they either alternate turns or each get a throw).

Now, if you like more traditional backyard sports, there is always soccer. Although, soccer is usually more fun when there is an actual net to aim for. Depending on the size of your players, you can easily construct the frame of the goal with some PVC pipe and pipe glue. This gives you and your teammates more of a finite target to aim for.


Not a lot of people worry about decor for their backyard. They think that the house is good enough. However, if you have the desire to give your backyard some style, here are a few ideas:

The first idea is lighting. There are many things you can do with lighting. You can put solar lights to light the walkways in your backyard, or you could put in a patio light, but here is an idea that you may not have thought of. This project will require an old chandelier, not a huge one, but a kitchen one that you can get fairly inexpensively, and a set of solar/lunar lights. What you do is you first hang the chandelier from a tree branch. Then you put the solar lights into the slots where the light bulbs or chandels where. This will give your backyard some great illumination and style.

Another thing you can do is to utilize the natural power of plants. Plants, whether potted or planted can be a gorgeous addition to your backyard. You can arrange them however you wish; in the corner of the lot, on the deck, or with some shabby chic hardware. If you have an old ladder or tire, use the plants to spruce them up.

Here are a few different ideas for you to use, they can help you to not only beautify, but also enjoy your backyard way more. There are loads more things you could do though, you just need to use your imagination.,,20506195,00.html