Boise Idaho New Homes

Boise, Idaho has come a long way from its simple trapping and agricultural roots. What once was a military fort surrounded by farmers and ranchers has now turned into one of the Northwest's largest cities and business hubs. This transformation took time yes, but in the last few decades the rate of growth accelerated spreading the borders of the city, and its suburbs, out to settle the semi arid desert of the Snake River Plain. Thanks to this expansion there has been an exciting revival in the industry of new construction of single family homes, allowing for more and more people to enjoy Boise for more and more affordable prices.

In kind, with more places to live, more people moved in, creating even more demand for new homes in Boise Idaho. Now, where once there was nothing but lava rock and sandstone, there are new subdivisions and neighborhoods to be inhabited. Not to mention the increase in jobs, amenities, and schools.

There are now several hundred new homes in Boise that were built in 2015 and 2014 alone, and hundreds more from 2013 and before. In fact, according to, in the year 2014, the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Kuna, etc.) saw approximately 2,900 homes started with 679 of them closing in the fourth quarter alone. These numbers may seem impressive for the Treasure Valley's size, but these 2014 numbers are actually lower than 2013's.

With all of these new homes being built, prices have leveled off almost $10,000 less than the national average. Boise's average price is about $179,000, which, compared with its closest metropolitan neighbors is very affordable. The average home price in Portland, according to, is around $319,000; in Salt Lake City it's $226,200; and in Seattle it is $504,000. So, if a buyer is looking to live in the Northwest, Boise will give them the most bang for their bucks.

Next to price, location is one of the most important parts of buying or selling a home, and Boise's new homes are built in some of the best locations in the valley. Currently, the areas of Boise with the most new construction are South Boise, Southeast Boise, and West Boise. There is new construction in other parts of the city, and the valley, as well. These locations offer residents quick access to the rest of the city, the surrounding suburbs, and the nearby outdoor amenities. They are also situated in a way that allows residents to enjoy a tranquil and serene place to live.

The new homes Boise has to offer come in all shapes, sizes and styles. There are hundreds of ranch style home (both one and two stories tall) as well as many dozens of luxury homes, and even more custom homes as well. So, no matter the needs of a particular buyer, whether it be for their own personal residence or for an investment property, a home can be found in Boise to fit them. There are many neighborhoods where the styles of all the houses are the same, as well as others where the styles differ from house to house. However, the most common type of home that can be found in Boise is a ranch style and craftsman style blend. These homes are almost everywhere in Boise because they offer the convenience of a ranch style home with the aesthetics of the craftsman.

Builders in Boise

There is a host of new construction builders in Boise, many of them specializing in building customized homes. They build amazing homes that look and feel the part of a western home; these homes allow residents plenty of comfortable living space, outdoor living, as well as affordable utilities.

Many Boise builders, in order to give their residents a well-functioning and efficient home, only install Energy Star Certified appliances in their homes. In fact, most of the builders are even Energy Star Certified - meaning the Energy Star organization has inspected not only the appliances they install, but the way the home is constructed and how it is constructed for energy efficiency. This certification should instill confidence in the heart of a buyer since the Energy Star organization also tests a plethora of other products across the nation, and really know their stuff.

Neighborhoods in Boise

As stated earlier, there are dozens of new neighborhoods being built in Boise each year, and some of them are filled with so many amenities that living there is comparable to living in a 5 star hotel. Some of these neighborhoods are rich with open areas for parks, playgrounds, volleyball nets, tennis courts, and basketball courts as well as clubhouses with pools, Jacuzzis, gyms, and recreation centers.

Many of these neighborhoods will also have water features and other intricate landscaping, paid for by homeowners associations. There are some still that will have private lakes, golf courses, and other amenities that make living there worthwhile.

In Boise itself, there are amenities that all residents can enjoy, no matter which neighborhood they come from. There are great places to work, amazing schools, delectable dining, convenient shopping, museums, and parks, and those are just the ones in the city. Both inside and outside the city there are limitless outdoor amenities. For instance, the Boise River and Boise River Greenbelt is a popular location for people who like to explore and enjoy the river bank. However, if one follows the Boise River upstream only a few miles out of town, there is also Lucky Peak Reservoir, a popular boating, swimming, picnicking, and hiking destination.

Many amenities like these are available in and around Boise, some of the man made to make a life easier, and some provided by nature for a fun time outside, which can be easily accessed from any number of new construction neighborhoods. So, if you are looking for a new place to put down your roots, or just want to enjoy and adventure our two, Boise is the place! Contact one of our licensed agents for more information about Boise and all of its amazing homes and amenities.