Boise Open Houses

There are many tips and tricks that real estate agents have to sell your home and, just like the tools in a tool box, they all do different things and are advantageous for different situations. One of the more common tools that and agent can use is the open house. People use open houses in Boise on a frequent basis, so it is easy to glean ideas off other open houses to make yours the best it can be. You have probably been to an open house or two (or gone to the Parade of Homes which is along weeklong open house), but you may still be wondering what it is, how it helps you, and what you can do to make it more successful. In this article there will be the answers to these questions, and hopefully it will put your busy mind at ease during this hectic time of selling a home.

First off, an open house is a time when your home is open to the public for a specific time when anyone is allowed to walk in and check the home out. It can help get prospective buyers into your home because it provides a low pressure environment where they can come and go as they please without the struggles of making an appointment.

Before you start planning an open house, you need to make sure that you meet with your real estate agent to work out a plan together. Your real estate agent will have many ideas, as well as experience, to help you out. The following tips and tricks are not meant to replace your agent, but rather be a guide to you of what you can do to make it run smoother.

Tip #1: Choose the date for your open house strategically

Most of the time, your open house will be on a Friday/ Saturday or Saturday/ Sunday or just one of those three days. Usually open houses in Boise will be held on a weekend between the months of May and August. However, just picking a random weekend will not do. You need to take into account many other factors before you start putting out signs.

The first thing to take into account is holidays. You will not want to have your open house on a weekend before or after a holiday. The main holidays to watch out for are Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day (Labor Day is the first week of September which means it might not be good to have an open house the weekend prior, especially because most schools start up again the last week of August).

Then next thing you need to do is to monitor the weather. This is self-explanatory, but when the weather is foul, people will not want to go outside. The weather can be hard to predict, so go ahead and schedule your open house, but keep a backup week chosen in case of bad weather. Try to find out as soon as possible if it will be raining the day of your open house.

Lastly, when it comes to scheduling, if you need to put an open house together in a flash, be sure to check and see how many garage sales that are scheduled for that weekend. If there are a lot of garage sales, you will have a higher likelihood of good weather and you will get more people in and out of your home since they will already be stopping to check out garage sales.

Tip #2: Give Out Refreshments

WARNING: If you do choose to do refreshments at your open house, shy away from foods that people are commonly allergic to like nuts and gluten. If you don't you run the risk of seriously hurting someone that comes through your home. If you do make something with nuts or gluten, make an alternative without them in it. Be sure to mark any possible problems clearly so that people know what they are eating.

When it comes to offering refreshments, remember that whatever you hand out, you will have to clean out of the carpet later. So, give out things that are less gooey and more crumbly (crumbly things will be easier to vacuum up later), and offer water or other clear drinks instead of dark colored sodas like root beer or cola that will stain the carpet or walls.

Tip #3: Make every part of the house presentation ready

This may seem like a no brainer, but it takes a little bit before the full weight of this can be realized. You need to clean and organize every room, cupboard, closet, and drawer in your home. If you need to, take things to storage or to a friend's house, just get it clean.

Since it is an open house, people will expect to be able to see every part of the house. If you are planning to have one room be your only messy and disorganized room and not let anyone inside it, many visitors will feel uncomfortable. They may also think that you are trying to hide something that is wrong with the house, so it is best to just to clean every room as best you can.

Lastly, make sure your valuables are offsite. All your jewelry, mobile devices, and anything else that could easily be stolen from your home is not at your house when you have the open house. This will help you to not only feel more at easy, but it will cut down on the liabilities that are associated with having strangers in your home.

Tip #4: Advertise your open house in more ways than one

There are many ways to advertise an open house: signs, newspaper ads, online classifieds, and social media. It doesn't matter what method you choose, just make sure to pick more than one. You can easily do online classifieds and signs for next to nothing out of your own pocket, whereas newspaper ads can cost a little extra. It just depends on you and your agent and the needs of your home.

Remember to plan with your agent, they are experienced and ready to help. If you want an expert to assist you in selling your home or running an open house, contact one of our real estate agents - they will be glad to help you.