College of Western Idaho (CWI)

In our fast paced and tech-savvy world, there are more and more things to learn - and learning is getting more and more expensive - and this predicament has left many people scratching their heads, wondering what can be done. Well, luckily, for people living in the Treasure Valley, the answer is provided in the lovely College of Western Idaho. Whether you are planning to go to college, wanting to further your education for a better job, or just looking to learn something new, then the College of Western Idaho (CWI) is the place for you.

CWI is a fantastic establishment that came to be in the year of 2007. It is a 2-year community college located in Nampa, Idaho (Midwest region of the Treasure Valley) with branches in Boise. Its formation was long needed and was able to come to pass thanks to donations from local businesses like the Albertsons Foundation.

What Makes CWI so Special?

There are things that make CWI special, but the biggest 3 would have to be its price, its quality, and its reciprocity to Boise State University. Let's start by looking at its price.

CWI, since it is a community college, is much more affordable than private or even state higher education establishments. But really, you don't understand by how much until you actually hear how much each credit is. You see at Boise State University is $273 a credit for undergraduate in-state students and $523 per credit for undergraduate out-of-state students. CWI, on the other hand, only costs $136 per credit for in-state and in-district students, $136 + $50 up to $500 a semester per credit for in-state yet out-of-district students, and finally $300 per credit for out of state and international students.

Not to mention, CWI also has a very well received concurrent credit program for high school students that only costs $65 a credit.

Quality is another awesome quality of CWI. Community colleges tend to get a bad reputation because they aren't more expensive. However, CWI maintains a high level of quality in its classes despite the low price. Most of its teachers are people from the community that have experience in the subject they are teaching and are teaching just for the joy of teaching. The board of trustees and the state also give the community college strict expectations for their classes. So, you can rest assured that the class quality will not be affected by the fact that you are taking a class from a community college.

Reciprocity is another big thing with CWI. CWI is essentially a miniature Boise State University. Most of the classes that they have will transfer easily over to Boise State and will count toward your 4-year degree - especially if you get a full 2-year degree. Not all classes are taken over at Boise State, but to help you navigate that maze there is a great online comparison sheet that will tell you what will and what won't transfer.

What Programs Does CWI Offer?

CWI's programs and degrees come from three main categories: academic, trade, and certification. This wide range of programs makes it possible for CWI to not only help people get into a four-year institution, but also get them ready for trade apprenticeships, and help them get certifications that they may need for any other requirement they may face.

As far as the traditional academics are concerned there are the basic classes and degree programs like they have at a normal college. There are business courses, science courses, math courses, language courses, and much more. Now, a person could easily take random classes to learn about new things, or they could enroll in a program to transfer to a 4-year institution. These would be associate degree programs that are designed to help a person complete their generals and other classes that may be needed for a degree.

When it comes to trades and certificates, CWI offers quite a few classes that you might be surprised to hear about. There are welding programs, heavy-duty truck technicians, auto mechanics, drafting, nursing, and so much more. If you have ever wanted to learn about a specific trade, this is the place.

The following is a summarized list of the programs they offer. For a complete list, consult their most current course catalog.

CWI Programs:

Advanced Mechanics


Fire Service Tech

Information Security and Digital Forensics

Physical Therapist Assistance

Transportation Management


Computer Support


Law Enforcement

Political Science

Welding and Metals Fabrication


Criminal Justice


Liberal Arts

Power-sports and Small Engine Repair

Western States CAT Technician

Autobody Tech

Dental Assisting

Health: Athletic and Exercise

Machine Tool Tech.

Professional Truck Driving

Wildland Fire Management

Automotive Tech


Heavy-duty Truck Technician

Marketing Management



Early Childhood Education

Heavy-equipment Technician

Medical Administration and Assistance



Secondary Educat

Network Administration

Software Development

Cisco Networking and Security Tech




Surgical Tech.

CWI is full of amazing programs of all kinds. Again, check with their most current course catalog before considering taking any classes. Now, remember, these are only the programs, not the classes; there are many classes inside each of these programs that can be great for all sorts of professions, so give them all a look and see if you are interested in some.

CWI is such an amazing school. It is inexpensive, it offers a quality education, and it has a wide variety of programs and classes to choose from. Contact them directly for more information.

If you want to learn more about Boise, Nampa, the Treasure Valley, or the other amenities it has to offer, contact one of our awesome agents here at the Hughes Group. They will be happy to help you.