Curb Appeal

If you're trying to sell your home in Boise, or just want to give your house a facelift then the best thing you can do is to increase its curb appeal. Curb appeal is the first impression any visitor gets of your home, and you only get one first impression. So you want to do it right.

When you do decide to upgrade your curb appeal the first thing you need to do is to head out to the street and identify the most apparent problems. If there is anything broken or overgrown focus on those first. Fixing and maintaining the appearance of your home is the best thing you can do for your curb appeal.

The next step is your lawn and landscaping. A beautiful front area, whether it is a lawn, gravel or something else, is an irreplaceable asset to your curb appeal. If you have grass make sure it is trimmed and well watered. You don't want your lawn to look sickly or shaggy, this will give a bad idea to your visitors or potential buyers. Do your best to neatly trim the edges of your lawn, this will do a lot to make your home feel comfortable and less 'overwhelming'. If you have gravel, or any other type of landscape, make sure that, like with the grass, everything is contained. Chaos isn't a good quality for the front of your home.

No matter what kind of landscaping you have, or if you don't have a front of your house at all, consider adding some sort of vegetation. This can be anything from potted or hanging plants to flowers or even a tree or two. Vegetation adds a homey feeling to your dwelling and is known to ease anxiety.

The patio and door are next. Like with the lawn, make sure that the patio isn't cluttered or chaotic. You want your patio to look it's best, sweep it regularly, paint, patch and spray as necessary. Make sure to take a pressure hose to any and all cobwebs that have taken refuge on your porch. Since the patio and door are how most people will enter your home, specific attention should be paid to beautifying them.

If your door looks a little dreary paint or have it painted. Choose a color that matches the rest of the exterior's colors. If there is need for a new knob get one that is attractive. The same goes for the doorbell, (if applicable). Consider buying a knocker for the center of the door. This is a classy addition that is becoming popular among homeowners.

Similarly, the garage should be fixed up. If there are any cracks or anything like that, do what is needed. Paint the garage door as best you can and fix the garage door opener if it is broken. A functional and attractive garage door is a great selling point on a house.

Next you should worry about the windows. Make sure to clean them and the screens if they have them. Clear away spider webs, dead bugs etc. Make sure there are no smudges or streaks on the window, clean it thoroughly. If needed, touch up the trim around the window so it still looks new. If you want to make the windows pop then paint the trim a contrasting color.

The last major thing is to worry about the roof and siding. If there are shingles or tiles that are broken or removed, replace them. Clean out the gutters and replace them if necessary. If your siding or stucco needs maintenance then they should be painted or replaced.

When you have all of the above done you can start adding the little things, the accessories. Accessories on a home are not to be the main focus, but rather add to the overall beauty; much like a woman's earrings. The most important two accessories that you can have for your house is first the porch light, and second, the mailbox.

There are more things and more accessories that can be add to your home, like: lighting for walkways, edging and so forth. Add what works best for you home.

The general idea of enhancing your curb appeal is to keep the house neat and clean. This will give visitors and passersby the impression that the inside is the same and will directly affect your home's selling ability.