Eagle Island State Park

Eagle Island State Park is gorgeous in all seasons. This area is located at 165 Eagle Island Parkway in Eagle, ID 83616. Eagle Island State Park is a great place, close to home, to do some outdoor recreational activities. With 11 of the 545-acre day use park, developed, there is plenty of outdoor nature to enjoy. The park is open year-round, from sunrise to sunset. Pets are allowed in the park on leashes. There is a $5 entrance fee per car at Eagle Island State Park; if you don't have a state parks passports. The state parks passports are available by mail, from the Idaho Transportation Department, through the issued registration renewal and cost $10 for annual registration and $20 for a two-year registration.

There are many perks of the park year round and even some you wouldn't expect in a park. Eagle Island State Park has multiple hiking trails, a lake, disc golf course, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters and more. Each season Eagle Island State Park has things to do year round, whether there is snow on the ground or people in the lake. One of the perks the park has is WiFi, located in the west day use area. They have a visitors center with souvenirs and gifts, the hours are variable with the winter hours (call for details). Also, there is a park office for reservation info on the picnic shelters and any questions you might have. Discover the free boating safety classes, in early spring before the lake is open for boating.

During the colder months, the park is great for getting out and enjoying the snow. Find outdoor winter activities such as tubing (tubes included) and sledding. Not to mention the skiing and snowboarding (there are rentals for snowboards), and a magic carpet as well. This can be a wonderful adventure ideal for taking the family out or a group of friends to tube down varying lengths of slopes. This activity is open from 3 pm - 8 pm Monday through Friday and from 10 am - 8 pm on weekends and holidays (see website for more details). The day passes are $15 per person and $199 for a season pass and there is a cozy fireplace to warm you up after sledding.

During the warmer months, the park is great for getting out on a sunny day outing. With five miles of trails great for exploring and don't forget to grab the free map that is available online. These trails are also great to take out the bikes and if need be there is an on-site air compressor, (.50 cents, quarters only) great in case of a flat tire. At this park, there is also a 9-hole frisbee golf course that is open May through October. Find the 18-hole disc golf course open April through November. That's not all, take some time to enjoy the volleyball pits and horseshoe pits as well.

At this location, one can find cross country races. One of the bigger races is the NXR Northwest regional, which stands for Nike Cross northwest regional. There are races for everyone. The Northwest Regional race states include Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. They have a two day, all day open, which includes reviewing the course the day before to a coaches meeting for everyone. This event includes 5k races for everyone. There is also the 3K race for grade school and middle school boys and girls. Discover the Open Invitation for boys and girls and championship races for those who win. Individual registration runs $35-40$ and team registration is $175-$400. The athlete cannot participate unless a participant release form is completed.

During the summer discover the onsite water slide that is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. You can bring non-motorized boats on the lake and there is a life jacket loaner station. The lake boasts designated swimming areas and a nice beach area right next to it. The park offers paddleboard rentals which can be a great way to work out and have fun on the water. Also, the park boasts picnic tables, restroom facilities, picnic shelters - large and small, charcoal grills and a playground.

The newest addition to Eagle Island State Park, Ziplines, opened up in May of 2016. These zip lines, use a harness and a pulley system several stories off the ground flying above the trees, ponds, and other parts of the park. The zip lines range from 400 - 1,100 feet. The 1,100-foot zip line has three lines; one of the zip lines you can have two people go side by side. There are six zip lines, each a different length; the shortest you go over nice green part of the park. Discover a few features such as landing and takeoff pads, with a three-piece suspension bridge. The fifth landing pad to the final jump requires you jump off the platform connected to a device that controls your descent to the ground. There is an optional jump device that simulates a parachute landing(short free fall followed by a controlled descent). These 'tours' on the zip lines range from $69-$79, not including the entry fee. There is also a height requirement for 48 inches and a weight range from 100-275 lbs.

The park also has plans to build an RV park and preserved open space for people to camp in the next 10 years. There are also plans to add additional ponds and mine gravel from the park to create the pond. This also includes a dog park, camping for youth groups and enhanced opportunities for water sports. As well as an entrance off of State street/ and Highway in eagle and they are hoping this will bring more visitors to the park. This is part of the master plan approved in 2006, as part of a $24 million plan which was stalled when the economy hit in 2008.

Eagle Island State Park is an ideal place for everyone and any celebration you might want to celebrate outside.