Events Unique to the Treasure Valley

What would a community be without unique events? Just think of it, the City of Boston turns the river green on St. Patrick's Day every year, New Orleans holds the Mardi Gras with parades and parties for a week near the end of winter, and New York is overrun with floats and balloons every Thanksgiving. What about Boise? What about the Treasure Valley? The Treasure Valley, which is a conglomeration of cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell, Kuna, Star, and Middleton, is no different from Boston, New Orleans, and New York; it too has events and traditions that make it unique.

The Western Idaho Fair

Now, you may be thinking, there is a fair where I come from, and you would be right, however, the Western Idaho Fair is one that is specifically tailored for the unique needs and interests of the Treasure Valley. One of the things that makes the Western Idaho Fair so special is the fact that it isn't limited to one county. The two largest participants at the fair are people from Ada and Canyon counties (Where Boise, Meridian, and Nampa are located), however, there are also many people that come from Idaho County, Boise County, Owyhee County and so on.

Another thing that makes the Western Idaho Fair so special and close to the hearts of Treasure Valley residents is its diversity. There are attractions, shops, food vendors, rides, and events that appeal to just about everyone. The food vendors are particular favorites of many visitors to the fair. There are all sorts of varieties of food, including the strange like deep fried Twinkies. So, no matter what you are hungry for, they will have it at the fair.

The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

The Boise Balloon Classic is a beloved tradition for many Treasure Valley residents. Held every year in the first week of September, this event is one that celebrates the beauty of flight and the heritage of hot air ballooning. The Balloon Classic lasts about a week with events every day for the balloon pilots, and the public who want to watch and appreciate the crafts. There are even food vendors, musical entertainment, and more. It is a magical time, and admissions are absolutely free.

One part of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic that attracts the most attention is the Night Glow event. This spectacle is one that inspires and awes many. It is not mandatory that all the pilots participate, but many of them do. At the Night Glow, the pilots all line their balloons up and inflate them like they are going to take off, but instead, they simply stay anchored to the ground. They then use the flames of their burners to light the balloons up, creating a warm and exciting ambiance. These pilots will also do synchronized lighting to music, the wave, and other fun lighting tricks.

The Color Run

Boise is home to many charity races. Races that help gather money for worthy causes, and the Color Run is one of them. Designed to promote their partner organization, the Girl Scouts of America, the Color Run is an even that combines fun, exercise, and beautiful color. The Color Run begins with a 5k run where participants enjoy the fun of the race. At the end however, everyone is handed a bag of colored powder and they all go to the color festival where, accompanied by music and dancing, people get peppered with a whole array of colors, and come home looking like they got in a head on collision with a rainbow.

The Dirty Dash

Another of Boise's many charity races, the Dirty Dash is partnered with a program that provides underprivileged children from around the world with food. It has helped thousands of people and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

But what is the Dirty Dash? What is it all about? Well, the Dirty Dash another 5k race, but with a few quirks. For example, instead of a straight run, it is a 5k obstacle course, oh, and of course, it is an obstacle course that drags you through the mud! This military boot camp-esk obstacle course allows people to get in touch with their inner child and run, crawl, and slide through the mud.

The Idaho Potato Bowl

The Boise State Broncos aren't the only football team to have good memories on the Blue Turf of the Albertson's Stadium. In fact, since December of 1997, it has been the location of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. One of many bowl championships, the bowl has visitors from all over the country as they gather to watch their favorite teams battle it out for the bowl trophy.

The Polar Bear Challenge

Polar Bear Challenges are not a new concept. Thousands of people do it every day, but the one held at Lucky Peak Reservoir (located only 22 miles from downtown Boise) is a unique one indeed. Every year on the first day of January, New Year's Day, people from all over the valley gather at the shores of Lucky Peak Reservoir and dawn their best swimsuits just to plunge into the frigid water. Now, this would just seem strange if you didn't know that the event was designed to support the Idaho Make-a-Wish foundation (an organization that grants wishes for children with terminal illnesses).

Alive After 5

In Boise, music is a must. It may seem like it is only about business, agriculture, and football, but Boise truly does have a deep love for music and the arts. Alive After 5 is a testament to that love. It is a summer concert series that offers free musical entertainment for the masses every Wednesday night. It is usually accompanied by great food vendors, dancing, and other sorts of fun. If you love music and want to have a fun summer evening, Alive After 5 is for you. It is a fun tradition that has been held over the summers for several years now and just keeps building momentum.

Now, these events are not the only ones in Boise. No, not by a longshot. There are more out there and this article has only scratched the surface. Learn more about Boise and the Treasure Valley by contacting one of our local and experienced agents today! They will be more than happy to help you.