Fun things in Treasure Valley (Parasailing)

There are tons of parasailing services all over the country, and many in Idaho as well. Given a large enough lake, there is probably a company that has several boats and a ton of parachutes to take customers up in. If you live in the Treasure Valley or in Boise, or if you are visiting that Treasure Valley area and are in the mood for some high-altitude antics, you are probably going to have to take a drive to a lake a few minutes or hours. One destination you may consider is McCall, which is just north of Boise and the Treasure Valley a few hours. Payette Lake offers a wide variety of water activities, including parasailing. What might be a better idea could be to take a few days and go up to Coeur d'Alene and getting out over Lake Coeur d'Alene. If you do go this route, choose the best parasailing company for your and give them your patronage.

With anything that involves water, there is an inherent danger to be considered. Death or injury while parasailing is surprisingly uncommon, though, that does not mean the chance does not exist at all. With most things on the water, you are going to want a life jacket, though this is mostly something you will only have to consider for yourself when you are going out with your own gear on a privately-owned boat. Most companies (making safety a priority) are going to require that you wear a life preserver, and will not take you out if you refuse to wear one.

If you are going out with a company, most of the burden of keeping you safe is out of your hands, but this does not mean you are invincible or that you should take a lot of risks when you are in the air. What this basically comes down to is listen to the safety instructions carefully and apply them. Also, consider the safety of your possessions, especially gadgets that are vulnerable to water. It is a reasonable idea to bring up an adventure camera like a GoPro up with you, but anything else you risk losing to the depths. I really would not recommend trying to use your phone as a camera to document the experience. Honestly, I would just recommend not trying to document your time in the air at all. Just relax and enjoy the experience! It is up to you, but do not let a wonderful experience become soured because you were not fully invested.

Also, you are very likely to get wet. It's a good idea to consider wearing clothes you do not mind getting a little damp. There is usually a point in every parasailing excursion where the boat driver will pull the throttle back a little bit and let you glide over the surface of the water like an ocean bird. Do not be afraid to dip in and let the lake splash up to greet you.  

If you are dealing with a fear of heights, this might be the best activity to help you get over it. What better way is there to experience the thrill of being up that high, than when there is a nice comforting body of water down below? Of course, any fall from the heights parasailing reaches will make the water feel like concrete, though a lot of the time you will be fairly low and parasailing is just extremely safe in any case. Just make sure before you go up to give the equipment an overview yourself. You can probably trust the company to monitor its own equipment and discover if there is any trouble to be worried about, but some things that are obvious might be missed by a company employee and caught by you. If you find a fraying harness or a ripped parachute, let someone know and they will get everything sorted for you.

Do be advised that weather can sometimes be problematic when going parasailing. Be sure to check out the forecast and what it is going to look like on the day you have set aside to go out and decide what the best time will be. Some companies will probably still go out when conditions are not ideal, and it can be fun to glide under an overcast sky, but it can also ruin the experience or waste a whole lot of time if the company decides it is too dangerous to go out at the moment.

Take all of this into account before you set out on your first parasailing adventure. It is a wonderful thrill ride that will make you some great memories, but you always want to be prepared for such an experience.