Fun Things to do in the Spring

Idaho in the spring- especially around the Boise area- is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, the sights, and the activities that Boise has to offer. A breath of fresh air after the winter, spring lends itself to a variety of activities that can help to brighten and shake off the blues of winter. Not all activities are directly in Boise city, but many are all fairly close and several of them can extend into full days of fun.

Boise Parks and Recreation put a lot of time and effort into curating various classes for every age range. From pottery to ballroom dance, tree pruning to Shotokan Karate, there is certainly a class for everyone. There are even community sports leagues that are available for public participation. While it may not seem like the craziest way to spend the spring, checking out the catalog of potential classes can offer a great way to occupy the time that would normally be spent twiddling thumbs. There is a class that would appeal to just about anyone, plus it is a great way to get out in the community and meet folks who have similar interests. Make sure to sign up early to ensure that there is still space available in the classes.

For those who don't mind traveling a short distance, Idaho has an amazing array of natural hot springs to enjoy. Some are privately owned and have been fancied up for visitors to enjoy, while others are nestled away in the middle of the mountains just waiting for hikers to climb the path to the bubbling waters. Spring is a fantastic time to appreciate such naturally occurring hot springs because there is still an edge of coolness in the air, but it's not so cold that the walk back to the car will cause the shivers. Typically the drive to find a good spring could take around an hour or so which makes this a perfect day trip activity. McCall and Donnelly have a few nice springs- Burgdorf and Gold Fork Hot Springs (respectively). Grab a suit and make a day of soaking in nature's hot tub!

Bird watchers and those who are interested in wildlife will be pleased to know that there is a cool conservation area specifically for checking out birds of prey. Aptly named Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey, this desert oasis has been protected for these birds. Every spring, the bird's nest; over 700 raptors can be spotted preparing for their little eggs to hatch. Various months in the spring bring with them various interesting stages in the lives of the birds including chick feeding and watching the newly hatched babies take their first flights. Another amazing thing that can be spotted are eagles taking to the air. This unique locale provides places for people to hike, camp, and even take to the trails on horseback, plus the temperature is anywhere from five to ten degrees warmer, so anyone feeling chilly in Boise who has some time to check out the Birds of Prey should make a point to head on over to Kuna for this spectacular experience.

Calling all artists and art enthusiasts! This next event is catered to those with an artistic eye, though can be appreciated by any and all. First Thursday is a tradition that brings people to art galleries throughout the Boise area. There is often music and fun as people move from gallery to gallery to admire the work of local artists. Often, folks like to make a night of it. Wine tasting, dinner, and other such fun can be found throughout Boise for those who need a break to rest their feet, grab a bite, and contemplate the paintings and sculptures on display. Plus, First Thursday helps many businesses out by impressing on members of the community the importance of buying local. Raise a glass to First Thursday and pop into a gallery or two!

Eagle Island State Park is a fun place with many activities available year round, but one of the greatest times to enjoy the park is in the spring. This lovely park has a swimming pond with a waterslide. There are trees and bushes and a sandbar in the middle of the lake. Renting paddleboards can add another level of fun to an excursion on the water. Of course, if swimming doesn't sound like something exciting, there are always other options. The park has a disc golf course. During the winter, only nine 'holes" are open, but come the end of May the full 18-hole course is open. One thing to note before heading over to Eagle Island is that there is a charge for each car. To park at Eagle Island, make sure to have $5. Not terribly expensive and there is not a limit to how long you can stay.

No matter what events and activities seem the most exciting, know that there are many opportunities in the Boise area to find an event or activity that one would enjoy. From relaxing dips in natural hot springs to peaceful, leisurely games of frisbee golf, watching giant birds of prey to learning a new talent or two, there are always things to do in the spring. Part of the fun is finding a way to enjoy the rejuvenating air of the season, so get out there and find the thing that makes spring into a time that is unforgettable!