Golfing in the Treasure Valley

Golfing in the Boise area (or Treasure Valley) is a pastime that is not enjoyed by everyone, but is still loved by many. That is why, here in Boise and the surrounding areas, there are golf courses, country clubs, and the like all everywhere you look. There isn't a city in the valley, or even a part of the City of Boise that doesn't have quick access to a golf course.

BanBury Golf Course

When it comes to amazing golfing, there is no other place like the BanBury Golf Course in Eagle. One of the Treasure Valley's most frequented courses, BanBury is fully functional golf course where the grass is green, the sand is fine, and the good times are ever present. It has a full website with tee times registration, virtual tours and even more.

BanBury golf course also has a pro shop, golf lessons, and also plays host to competitions. The clubhouse and lawn can be rented out for events too so there is no end to the possibilities of things you can do there.

One of the greatest appeals of the BanBury golf course is that it is located in the center of a very popular subdivision of the same name (BanBury Subdivision). This positioning allows residents to easily access the golf course whenever they would like and also allows the course to be secluded away from the open road.

Both the BanBury golf course and subdivision are located just off of Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard in Eagle.

Warm Springs Golf Course

The Warm Springs Golf Course is another of Boise's most popular golf courses. It is located at the cross section of Downtown Boise and Southeast Boise. It is backed up to the Boise Foothills which gives it a scenic feeling with amazing views to match.

The Warm Springs Golf Course also has all the amenities you could want out of a golf course. It has a shop, a cafe, leagues, and so on and so forth. They even have both youth and adult classes that are tailored to all experience levels. They also host several events throughout the year so be sure to check their online calendar for more information.

Hillcrest Country Club

Probably one of the most city central of the golf courses in town, the Hillcrest Country Club is located on the Boise Bench near downtown. It is a lush lawn with some of the best golfing in town. It is a very popular place to golf and has quite often been the site for the Albertson's Open golf tournament. It has a 71.6-course rating and a slope rate of 130. Since the Hillcrest Country Club is so central to the rest of the city, it is easy to play a few holes between appointment, after work, or before a shopping trip.

The Hillcrest Country Club isn't just for golfing, however. There are many more amenities available to visitors and members like tennis courts, a pool, a fitness center and much more. There is even a restaurant that is open for use that makes some amazing food. The country club is also host to many other events throughout the year and can also be rented out for events.

Quail Hollow Golf Course

The Quail Hollow golf course is another high profile course here in the Boise area. It is an 18 hole course with a well-manicured lawn amazing holes for all levels of players and more. However, if you aren't experienced at golf, then you can also enjoy golf lessons that are designed for youth and adults.

You can also eat at the Foothills Grill for a delicious breakfast or delectable lunch. This grill is run by an outstanding award-winning crew and they provide amazing food for all tastes and preferences. Not to mention you can enjoy your food overlooking the valley from their viewpoint in the foothills themselves.

Crane Creek Country Club

Much like the other country clubs on this list, the Crane Creek Country Club is a full-service destination for those looking for a good time. This amazing club is located in the North End of Boise and is backed up to the scenic Foothills. It is an awesome place to spend a morning or afternoon. It is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM so you can get in your early morning golf round in before it gets too hot in the summer time.

However, if golf isn't all you like to do in the warmer months, you can also take some time to play some tennis on the club's courts or take a dip in the pool. Then, when you are hungry, you can get a bite at their diner.

Pierce Park Greens

Probably one of the most affordable golf courses in town, the Pierce Park Greens only charges $8 for their 9-hole course on weekdays and only a dollar more ($9) on the weekends. Though it may be smaller it is a great place for the armchair golfer. It is located in North Boise off of Peirce Park Road and Hill Road.

The Pierce Park Greens, like many of the golf courses on this list, offers affordable golf lessons. These can be scheduled on their website. If you are interested in lessons, be sure to call them for more information.

Pierce Park Greens also offers season passes for groups, individuals, and so on. And, if you are looking to sell your gear to upgrade, you can attend their annual club swap. At the club swap, they'll sell your clubs for you so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself.

Lakeview Golf Club

Meridian Idaho has a lot going for it. It has dozens of amazing places to live, work, and play, one of which just happens to be the amazing Lakeview Golf Club. Lakeview is an 18 hole course with plenty of room to play. It has junior programs, tournaments, and an amazing driving range.

It is located just off of Ten Mile Road and Ustick Road in Meridian, but it also has awesome amenities, like many of the other courses on this list, that people can enjoy. One of these amenities is the bar and grill that serves some amazing food you can eat between taking a swing or two on the course. Not to mention, Lakeview Golf Club also has venues for events available for rent.

River Birch Golf Course

Another popular destination for golfers in the western part of Ada County would have to be the River Birch Golf Course. This public course is located in Star Idaho off of Highway 16. This location gives it a beautiful and scenic atmosphere and allows it to be secluded, yet close to the city.

The River Birch Golf Course is a full 18 hole golf course. It has tournaments, a pro shop, junior golf, associations, and so much more. It is a fantastic place to take the old clubs out too.

Golfing is one of these sports that is both relaxing and invigorating. It is a fun pastime for all ages and is easy for even beginners to enjoy. If you love golf, or if you want to take a swing at it, then you will love the Treasure Valley. From Boise to Nampa there are dozens of golf courses just waiting to be explored. So, get out the clubs and drive on over to one of these amazing destinations.