Great Tips to Help Sell Your Home

In this day and age, selling a home is something that most Americans have to do multiple times in their lives. This means that learning the art of selling a home is vital for saving money during the moving process. There is a lot to learn about selling homes, and not all of it can be learned in a few hours on the web. It takes research and the help of an experienced agent. This article is not meant to be a comprehensive lesson of what you can do to better sell your home, but rather a few starter tips.

Competitive Pricing

It is important to know what your home is worth before you try and price it, so make sure to do an appraisal prior to listing. This will help you to know the true market value and put it for sale at a competitive price. Once you have an appraisal completed, it is important to take the time to sit down and work with your realtor to strategically price the property. Make sure to set it up so that the price is going to be a good deal for you and for them.

Cut the Clutter

When it comes to selling a home, you want to make it feel open and spacious so that prospective buyers don't feel cramped or boxed in. This can be hard for some sellers as they are used to the amount of stuff in their home and have a hard time imagining how another person would feel coming in. The best rule of thumb is to cut down your stuff by at least a half. Take out half the stuff in your home. This can be easily started by first going around your home with a garbage can and simply throwing out the accumulated trash that tends to build up in a home (this is commonly in the form of junk mail, empty bags, etc).

However, if the idea of decluttering is a little daunting, at the very least start with your furniture. You don't need to get rid of it, just take it out to a storage facility or to your new home so it is out of the way. Furniture is big when it comes to decluttering because couches and armchairs are usually the biggest things in a home and can make the biggest noticeable difference.

Upgrade and Add Lighting

Lighting is an important part of making a home feel more open and attractive. So, whatever you do, make sure to increase the lighting in your home, or enhance it. This can be done in a number of ways. The first is to replace dim or low wattage lightbulbs with brighter ones. One of the best lightbulbs to use are CFLs - the spiral ones - because they are brighter, last longer, and can cut down on energy costs. The next thing is to clean all your light fixtures, windows, and mirrors. When you clean those surfaces it allows light to pass through or reflect better so the home looks brighter. Next step, if your home is still not light enough, is to replace the curtains and drapes with more lightweight and translucent curtains. This will help to let more light in even if they are drawn.


The point of cleaning up your home for selling is to make it so that prospective buyers can feel at home it. Unfortunately, it is very hard to feel like a home could be yours if there are still personal photos or effects on the walls or in the cupboards. Obviously, you have to be able to still live in the home as you are selling it so you can keep what you need, but things that are personal to you that you don't use on a daily basis will distract the prospective buyer. When you are depersonalizing your home, be sure to aim for neutrality. The more neutral it is the better. Replace all your pictures and paintings with generic ones that can make people feel at home -a good bet is to get pictures of nature or the surrounding area like downtown Boise.

Clean up Your Curb Appeal

Even though it has been taught since grade school to not judge a book by its cover, many people do. And that ugly fact is no more prevalent than in the real estate business. Prospective buyers overlook dozens of homes every year just because of how it looks on the outside. So, make sure to pretty up the outside of your home as best as possible. Trim the grass, weed the flowerbed, wash the house to rid the exterior of webs and dirt, and repaint - if needed. You can also do things like changing out the light fixtures or the doorknobs to give your home a more complete look.

Show Ready

This tip is for both helping to sell your home quicker, but also to help you have an easier time during the sales process. If you have your home show ready at all times, you will be less stressed when a prospective buyer calls out of the blue to come see the home. Now, obviously are some things you can't do because you live there - you need to be able to use your things. The way this works, however, is to get your home show ready right before you add it to the market and then do a tidy up session every night before bed. This will ensure that if your realtor wants to show your home while you are at work you won't be worried that the prospective buyers will find your bowl of cereal in the sink.

These six tips will help you to get closer to selling your home, all while getting the best deal possible. Again these are not all there is to know, for that contact your realtor. Our licensed realtors are happy to help sell your home and help you find your next one. So, even if you just have a quick question, give them a call.