Have a Pizza in the Treasure Valley

Italy has always boasted the best pizza- primarily because the delicious dish originated in Naples, Italy. The original pizza was a meal made for members of the lower classes who were interested in making filling foods with the ability to be quickly consumed. Pizza, in 1700s Italy, often consisted of a flatbread with tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. Occasionally other toppings were included as well, such as meats, anchovies, and various spices. Much later down the line, Queen Margherita tried the now beloved food during her travels with her husband. To honor her tastes, the Margherita pizza was born of mozzarella, basil, and tomato.

Today, societies around the world have heard of the wonders that can come from pairing these types of ingredients together. Varieties of all sorts are thought up every day- even extending to dessert pizzas and pizzas with vegetable-based crusts. The US, in particular, has scooped up this little treasure and run with it, creating booming businesses dedicated to the gooey delight. Since there is so much competition when it comes to restaurants, we've pooled together a few of our favorites throughout the Treasure Valley.

Blaze Pizza, located in Meridian, offers a buzzing atmosphere with a pick-your-pizza sort of attitude. Stepping through the doors offers a whole new olfactory experience thanks to their dedication to freshly grown, artisanally made ingredients. The complete commitment to being aware of where their ingredients came from bubbles through every bite, though each bite is so delicious that you may not have time to dwell before the pizza is gone. They also go out of their way to ensure that they are kind to the earth through recycled products and supporting companies that strive to keep their carbon footprints low. Every crust is handmade each day, so you will never bite into a slice that was once frozen. The build your own pizza menu allows patrons to add or nix whatever items strike their fancy, so going to dinner with your picky friend Stan doesn't necessarily mean you can't enjoy your own wacky creation that includes all the available toppings except salame. Salads, drinks, and desserts are also on the menu, so save room to try a s'more pie before you go.

Whirled famous pizza can be found at Flying Pie Pizzeria. Really, though, they have patrons from all over the place! With delivery available, and the ability to ship a pizza when delivery just won't do, this restaurant has put their name on the map. And why wouldn't it be on the map with its unique flavor combinations, gourmet nights, hands-on tours, and overall high quality? Oh, and if you are lucky, you can catch the restaurant on "your day"! This happens daily, though not every day will apply to you. Each day, Flying Pie Pizzeria chooses a name, occupation, or other such detail. When your name comes up, you can go to a location and make your own pizza with up to five toppings- for free! Who wouldn't jump at that chance? Check out Flying Pie through one of their brick and mortar stores, or head on over to their website to order delivery if you are nearby.

As you may be aware, different locations throughout the world like to take a popular dish and make it their own. New York, in this case, makes a distinct type of pizza that is pretty delicious. Most often, this means that the pizza is hand tossed with a large circumference, though the crust is pretty thin. Eating this style of pizza brings with it the expectation that one will fold the pizza over on itself before diving in. Well, if New York pizza tickles your fancy, check out Guido's Pizza in downtown Boise or off of Chinden Road in Meridian. This massive meal can be purchased by the slice or as a whole pie to snarf yourself or share with your buds. You have to head into the restaurant to pick up your piece of heaven, however, as Guido's does not deliver. It is, however, worth the effort.

Popping back to the roots of pizza history, Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria stick pretty close the Italian roots, though many of the topping choices have a decided America twist. Known for its flatbread pizzas, as the name would suggest, this chain offers a classy atmosphere with a dash of industrial funk. With the oven as the focal point for all diners to see, the ambience oozes with energy and electricity. One thing that makes this restaurant unique is its partnership with Life's Kitchen. Life's Kitchen is a program that helps people gain the culinary skills they need to become proficient and great chefs. Flatbread facilitates the learning of these young adults through fundraisers and through having many of the students supply the pizza sauces and salad dressings for the restaurant. The specials at Flatbread are phenomenal and change regularly, so make sure to check back often to see what new innovations are up for grabs!

Though the places mentioned here are stellar in every way, each offers a specialized experience with outstanding customer service. No matter the day, you will likely find an option you love in any of these restaurants. Many are willing to work with food allergies, so if that's a concern for you, you are in luck! Grab your friends or just go out and treat yourself by yourself. Everyone deserves to try a decent slice at least once. We are all always searching for that perfect pie. Let us know if you have any other great pizza joint recommendations!