Hot Springs in Idaho

There are tons of fun things to do in the great state of Idaho. From boating and fishing to mountain biking and sightseeing, the outdoors in this beautiful state is a great place to be. One activity that tourists and locals alike love participating in is going to hot springs.

Hot springs are fun to enjoy all year long, but they tend to be most desirable in the cold winter months and other cool times of the year. Idaho has many great spots to enjoy, including the Rocky Canyon Hot Springs, Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs, Heise Hot Springs Inc., Boat Box Hot Springs, Kirkham Hot Springs, Burgdorf Hot Springs, Trail Creek Hot Springs, Green Canyon Hot Springs, Mountain Village Lodge, and Gold Fork Hot Springs. There are even hotter spring hot spots than this, but these are a few of the popular ones. The following list describes a few of the aforementioned hot springs in Idaho:

Burgdorf Hot Springs

One of the most popular hot springs spots in the state is the Burgdorf Hot Springs. Here, you can enjoy any of three pools, one with sand nestled at the bottom and two hot pools that are set at a boiling 113 degrees Fahrenheit. These two pools are smaller than the larger pool, but they rush into the larger pool, where the temperature goes down a fair bit (the temperature in the bigger pool is about 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit). One of the pools empties into a tub that is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which you can enjoy as well.

There are cabins you can rent around these hot springs, and in the winter you can only reach them via snowmobile. There is no electricity, internet, or places to get food (other than snack foods), so you need to come prepared and ready for an adventure. The town it is in has a lot of fun sites to see, as it is an old mining town. Check it out and enjoy your time at Burgdorf Hot Springs.

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Kirkham Hot Springs

Possibly the most popular hot springs in Idaho is the Kirkham Hot Springs. This location contains multiple geothermal pools to enjoy and is surrounding by rocky ledges and at the bottom of a staircase made out of wood. One of the things that makes this spot so special is that there are small waterfalls of warm water that empty into the pools for the ultimate steam-soaking experience. It is located near a campground at the end of the Payette River, so if you are feeling adventurous, you can camp out and then head down the staircase to the beautiful pools below.

If you want to venture into these springs in the winter, you will have a more solitary experience, as summer is the springs' busiest months. It is $5 for parking to go to the springs, so make sure you come cash in-hand, and don't forget your towel and swimsuit!

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Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

A few miles away from the town of Crouch, Idaho you'll find great campsites, and just a few more miles down the road you'll find the Rocky Canyon Hot Springs. If you like camping and relaxing in hot springs, then the Rocky Canyon Hot Springs is for you. At the middle fork of the Payette River, this spot offers camping around three geothermal pools. The beautiful watery oases are surrounded by rocks, include small waterfalls, and will leave you speechless and relaxed.

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Mountain Village Resort

Located in Stanley, Idaho is the Mountain Village Resort. Since this is a resort, you can expect the hot springs experience here to be a lot different than that of the previously named hot springs. Here at the Mountain Village Resort, you can enjoy a private indoor hot springs experience that looks into the great outdoors. This could be an ideal starting point for you if you've never gone to a hot spring before and aren't a huge fan of outdoor activities.

According to the Mountain Village Resort's website, the hot spring at their resort is a natural hot spring that is "piped into a man-made tub" for a more private experience ( However, you can still enjoy this hot spring tub experience with others, as it seats numerous people. It's the ideal place to relax and just breathe.

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Gold Fork Hot Springs

For another different hot spring experience, you can check out the Gold Fork Hot Springs in Donnelly, Idaho. These hot springs are within a facility that looks a little like a public pool, tucked away in the mountains near McCall. There are five pools, the facility is reasonably priced, and it's open year-round for people of all ages.

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These hot springs are just some of many beautiful geothermal hot spots in Idaho. If you love relaxing in hot tubs and springs, Idaho is a great place to be.