How Do I Sell My Home? Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our 2 part article on how to sell your home. In this part of the article we will be discussing appraisals, marketing, and negotiations. So, strap in and get ready to learn more about the wonderful world of real estate.

Have the home appraised and inspected

Another vital part of selling the home is getting the price right. Your Hughes Group agent can easily direct you to great appraisers and inspectors, and help you pick the right price for the home.

Usually, a home buyer will have an inspection and appraisal done when they are serious about buying a house. That way they know how much it is worth and if there are any defects that they need to be aware of. This is great, but if you didn't know about anything like that before you priced the home, you may not get as much money as you expected in the beginning. So, if you pay for an inspection and an appraisal upfront, you can have a more accurate price for the home and avoid any surprises at the close of the deal. (It is always hard to come to the close of a deal and find that there is mold in the basement, or the roof needs repair and you end up having to lower the price of the home so it is best to find out at the beginning).

List the special features about your home

Now, after you have prepared the yard, cleaned up the inside of the home, and gave it a competitive price, you are on to marketing your home. One of the great things that you can do when you are getting ready to start advertising is to make a list of all the special or unique features about the home. Of course, they will already have the number of bedrooms, the square footage, and so forth, but it is also good to make a list of all the other features and surrounding amenities so your agent can pitch those to the potential buyer. These are what are called selling points.

When you are making the list, write down all the features like so: nearby park, walking distance from supermarket, great view, new sink in kitchen, and so on and so forth (obviously the features in your home will differ). Once you have a list, put a note next to each of them that explains what you enjoy about that feature. So, if we continue with the example of the nearby park, you cans say something like, "the nearby park makes it easy to get out and enjoy the warm summer weather". That way you can show them the feature and explain how they will benefit from it. It will help them visualize it better.

Schedule marketing activities

There are some amazing marketing techniques and tactics out there and your agent will be able to help you find the best ones to use in your specific situation. One of the most common marketing activities that you can utilize is the open house, but that isn't all you can do. You can also hold events in your house and invite the community to them. That way you have all kinds of people coming to see your home. It is a perfect marketing tactic because the people that are running the event will do loads of marketing for you for free!

Contact important people

This is an interesting tactic that might be foreign to you. It involves contact people of influence in organizations and telling them that you have a house you are trying to sell. These important people could be bank managers and other people who work in real estate like brokers or other real estate agents. They will be able to find your home without you telling them about it, but if you take the time to tell them about your home and, especially if it is one that fits the needs of their client, yours will be at the top of their mind.


The next step is to make sure that you have sufficient advertising. You can use social media outlets, craigslist, street signs, and so forth (and these are the nearly free options). You can also post advertisements in your local newspaper and other local publications. These will cost a little money, but they will help to get the word out.

Negotiate and close the deal

Lastly, there is closing the deal. The closing negotiations can be a bit tricky as there are many legal terms and regulations that you need to get to know. This is where your Hughes Group agent will be able to really help you. They have been trained and tested on all the laws and regulations there are for an Idaho real estate transaction and they will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

As you can see, selling your home can be a bit of a hassle, but with the help of a licensed real estate agent, like an experienced one from the Hughes Group, you can navigate the selling process with ease. So, call us today to meet with the agent that will make your home buying dreams a reality.