How to Make the Most of Lighting

Today's topic is about lights. You see, most human beings need light; usually the more light the better. So it isn't a surprise that we would want to make our homes brighter. In fact, it is commonly thought that homes that are brighter and more full of light are homier, more alluring, and a lot more functional for those that live and visit there. However, hiring an electrician to have them wire in new lights can be a bit of a hard sell for those who want more light in their homes. So, what can be done if your home doesn't have adequate lighting? Well, that is what we are going to talk about today: how to make the most of the lighting you have without wiring up new lights.

Idea 1: New bulbs are quite a 'bright' idea

It is important to remember that the number of lightbulbs in a room is not the only factor that determines how bright your home is - the quality and specifications of the bulb are also important. So, if a homeowner wanted to brighten up their home, their first stop should be to the hardware store to pick up a pack of new lightbulbs. While you are there talk with the friendly folks at the store for their recommendations for what will work best in your situation. There are quite a few options out there now for lightbulbs so don't be worried. You will almost always be able to find something that will work for your home and budget.

By buying new light bulbs you will also probably save yourself a good amount of money in the long run. This is because the new lightbulbs that have been coming off the line are much more long lasting than those of a few years ago. They will run a lot longer making it unnecessary for you to buy more of them. They are also more efficient so they are better for the planet as well. There is a lot less energy wasted in lighting your home if you buy an energy efficient bulb.

Nowadays you can also get remote controlled light bulbs. These are light bulbs that connect to the internet so you can control them from your phone or other mobile devices. This makes them easily controllable from almost anywhere (check product descriptions) giving you more convenience than ever.

Idea 2: Mirrors will help to lighten up a room

Once you have good light bulbs in your home, the next thing you should do is look for some mirrors. Mirror reflect light, that's how they work, and when you hang a mirror up in your home it will help to scatter the light that you already have. If the mirror wasn't there a lot of the light would be lost in the color of the walls. So, remember, you aren't adding any more light you are just getting more mileage out of the light you have.

Now, a great thing to remember about mirrors is that they can be pretty inexpensive if you know where to shop. You don't need to buy a huge mirror from a big box store, instead, just pick up a modest sized one from a thrift store, dollar store, or discount store. Not to mention, you can always find great deals on mirrors online so there are plenty of mirrors and mirror vendors to choose from.

After you've picked out and purchased your mirror take it home and hang it on a wall that is directly across from your windows or in direct sight of one of your existing ceiling lamps. Then, you will want to tilt it up just a little. This will take the light that would otherwise be absorbed by the wall and cast it back into the room.

Idea 3: Use lighter color paint

Painting your room can be a quick pass to brighten things up. . . well quicker than if you were to do some rewiring. When you repaint, however, make sure to use light colors. This is because the light colors, unlike dark colors, will reflect more light making the whole room seem brighter. Again, there won't be more light in your room, but rather you will get more out of the existing light.

This kind of tactic can be quite fun for someone who likes doing weekend projects around the house. (It will take at least a weekend). If you do it yourself you won't need to pay for labor which means that its all going to be pretty inexpensive for you. It would be best to, again, talk to the nice folks at the hardware store for more information about what paints will be best for your situation.

Idea 4: Buy thin curtains

For some people, the house is dark because they want the privacy that curtains and blinds bring. However, by gaining that kind of privacy you lose that natural light that would be coming through the window. The way you maintain your level of privacy and increase the lighting in your home is by using thin curtains.

Thin curtains can be lace or just an extremely thin and opaque color. Either way, you are still getting the best of both worlds. Not to mention it is pretty affordable. Buying a nice thin set of curtains won't cost a lot but they can do wonders for your lighting situation.

At the same time, if you don't want to give up your ability to have complete privacy, you can also hang a second set of black-out curtains. These can be great for when you are trying to sleep or just want more privacy.

Lighting up your home can be a bit of a struggle at first, but the important thing is to keep trying. If you none of these ideas worked, go down to the hardware store like we said earlier, they might have some good ideas we failed to mention. To learn more about how to improve your home or how to find a home for that matter, call the Hughes Group today. We would love to help you with any of your questions or concerns.