Idaho's Capitol in Idaho's Capital

Did you notice the difference? The difference that o and a make? If not, don't worry, most people don't. So, what is the difference, and how does it pertain to Idaho? A lot actually. You see in Idaho, there is the capital city of Boise and the capitol building, the domed building at the end of Capitol Boulevard in Boise. You see there is that tricky vowel switch that changes the meaning. When capital is spelled with an a it means a city, but when it is spelled with an o, as in capitol, it is in reference to the building.

Let's first start by talking about the capital city Boise Boise is a wonderful place to live. It has been rated the best place to live in America several times my many different literary organizations. Not to mention the most adventurous city nomination from National Geographic. It has a great cost of living when compared to bigger cities in the Northwest United States and the median house price is much lower than the of cities in the same area.

Boise is a great place. As the capital of Idaho it is not only home to the capitol building but also the economic headquarters of the state. Boise is home to several major companies like Micron and Boise Paper and a handful of branches from larger companies like Hewlett Packard. This makes for a lot of jobs in nearly any industry you can think of. Not to mention there are dozens of start-ups, specialty shops, and nonprofit organizations.

This amazing economic environment makes it ideal for many companies which, in turn, is great for the people of Boise. It has fostered and cultivated an amazing job market where the unemployment is hardly ever a problem.

There are also some amazing opportunities for education here in Idaho's capital. Whether you are a full time student, or just want to learn some things in your spare time, you have that ability here in Boise. There are universities, libraries, community centers, and private institutions for specialty learning as well. Some of the great things that the City of Boise itself offers are located in the city's parks and recreation catalog. This catalog shows some of the best clubs, classes, and events around. There are martial arts classes, art classes, computer classes, and much more so be sure to give that a look.

Boise is also well known for its amazing housing market. The real estate in this Idaho's capital is some of the best in the nation. For example, the median house price in Boise is between 130K and 180K depending on the area. This means that people coming from expensive areas of the world can get a home about the same size as their current one for a fraction of the cost here in Boise (this is not a guarantee simply an observation).

But what about the Capitol? What is so great about the Capitol building?

Well, Idaho's Capitol Building is the center for the state government. Laws are made their and regulations are decided. And it is also one if the oldest and most intricate buildings in downtown Boise. It is a sandstone building modeled loosely after the capitol building in DC and has been the jewel of Boise downtown since its construction was finished in 1912.

The State of Idaho was granted statehood in 1890 which meant that it didn't have a large and beautiful capitol building like it has today for the first 22 years it was a state. However, thanks to some very talented architects from back east.

In the Capitol building there are two wings: one for the House of Representatives and the other for the Senate. Both of these rooms are built with observation areas where the public can go to watch the proceedings of any of the meetings. However, this isn't all that the capitol has, it also has offices for the Governor and many other state officials as well as committee rooms and even offices and libraries to aid in legislative work.

The Idaho Capitol building is also full of some awesome artwork. One of the most notable is the replica of the statue "The Winged Victory of Samothrace" which is a statue that was discovered in the ruins of a Greece city. The statue is supposed to represent victory and power. This replica isn't just a standard copy of a statue however, it is an official replica that was gifted to the United States after World War II by the French government. It was then placed by the federal government in the Idaho State Capitol.

Another statue that brings quite a few eyes to the capitol is the gilded statue of the country's first president George Washington. It is a gold statue of the president atop his horse pointing forward as if to be directing someone. This statue is also accompanied by a dedicatory tribute to and description of the historic trees that used to be on the capitol grounds. These are trees that were planted by presidents and dignitaries that visited Idaho each with special significance to the planter.

Next time you are in Boise, be sure to visit the Capitol Building and enjoy a congress session or just the marvelous artwork that surrounds. It is a great place for a day trip and they offer tours most days.

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