James Ray Construction

How do you go about finding a builder? It's important to make the right decision to ensure that you are not struggling each step of the way to get the things you need and want in your home. James Ray Construction, a builder based out of Twin Falls, is a custom builder who listens and puts the needs of the client first. James Ray makes a point that the home buying and building process should be as easy and comfortable as possible.

Having been in the construction business for a long time, James Ray Construction has learned what works and what doesn't work. This kind of experience is the kind that leads to solid home building through only the finest of contractors. The people who help to build James Ray homes have high reputations for getting the job done right. In fact, this is promised in the company's motto: "we do things right, from beginning to end, with honesty and integrity!" Using this as a springboard to create a fantastic company with high morals and standards does not limit the creativity and versatility one bit. When it comes to building houses, every home is different. These builders know their stuff and have plenty of experience in building the right home for the right people- catering every individual aspect of the building process around the desires of the client. That means that they can truly call their home custom. Each design aspect in a home built by James Ray is meant to reflect the homeowner's lifestyle and personality. Then building, in a sense, becomes less of a job and more of an art.

One thing that facilitates the individualizing of each home is that this builder leaves a lot of the decisions up to the homeowner. For example, incorporated into the building budget are allowances for flooring, lighting, appliances, and more. This give the client an opportunity to choose their style by picking appliances that fit their cooking habits, flooring that fits into the color scheme of the home, and lighting that can put the "fun" in functional. Custom cabinets and hand textured walls also can be jazzed up to add a bit of personal flair.

Many homes that James Ray Construction has built in the past include amazing focal points in the room that are created by unique design elements. Using the idea that color can create contrast, this builder has a knack for making a simple room seem more intricate by adding a splash of color to the baseboards and doorways, or by building in a simple design with a dark color to catch the eye of any visitor. This two-tone painting concept is included as a standard in every home, so there's not an extra cost for the extra intrigue. Other details such as hand-laid backsplashes and intricate tilework in the bathroom area help this builder to stand out among the rest. From under the stairs playrooms to beautifully decorated ceilings, the custom work is really incredible in each home.

It can come as quite the surprise all of the extra details that come standard when building with James Ray. Things like vents in the crawlspace, silent floor joist systems, and maintenance free exterior finishes are a few small things that many people may not think of immediately as things to put on the list of desires in their home, though, they are some of the things that James Ray Construction recognize as important comforts to put them in every home. Each home will have the benefit of the entire first floor having insulated floor to help seal the floor and keep the utility bills down. Additionally, customers will get rounded corners, plumbing that is ready for an ice machine and a water softener (if they so desire), and a concrete patio for their backyard. Closet space is always at a premium, so the organized, closet shelving systems should help in maximizing space. One more fantastic perk that most builders charge more for is insulation in the garage that includes insulating the garage door. They'll even throw in the automatic garage door opener. All of these are standard features, plus many more awesome benefits.

Customers who have built with James Ray Construction have only positive comments regarding their own building experiences. One woman mentioned that she often hears of people whose building processes did not go over well, but she never had to experience the pain of fighting to get what she wanted. James Ray and his team are so great at what they do that if anything goes wrong during the building, they catch it and take care of it, saving the client from unnecessary stress. Another homebuyer made the comment that he loves his home and has lived in it for five years now. 

James Ray's experience as a builder began when he was 18 and opened his own drywalling business. Having been in the construction business for 25 years, he moved his family to Twin Falls where they have been building beautiful custom homes for almost 20 years. His business has grown a lot from word of mouth when his clients boast about his skills as a home builder. In his words, James Ray Construction "will bring your vision to reality". If you want a builder who will stand by his work, including a one year warranty, then set up an appointment today.