Defining Low Median House Price 

To understand the low cost of housing here in the valley, let's look at Boise. Boise is the largest city, as well as the capital city, of Idaho. In the Treasure Valley, the houses of Boise are on the higher end of the price range. They are not the most expensive, but, when using them as a base for analysis, you can rest assured that most other homes will be less than or equal to these in price.

According to one of the nation's most prestigious real estate websites (Zillow), the median house price in Boise is around $180,000. Where Seattle, on the other hand, is about $521,400 (according to Zillow as well). That is about a $350,000 difference. This means that you could easily buy a house that is much larger, or in a nicer location, than your current one-- if you are moving from Seattle to Boise. Now, keep in mind, this is just Boise v. Seattle. There are also dozens of smaller cities in the Treasure Valley that have significantly lower median house prices than that of Boise.

Low Cost of Living

Even if you can find a house that is inside your budget, you must also be able to afford living there. Well, here is another place where Boise comes out ahead. According to a website called, Boise was 48% less expensive than Seattle thanks to its low cost of food, housing, and amenities. This means that when you add in the amount you saved on your new home you will have almost twice the disposable income here as you would in Seattle (assuming that you pay has not changed).

Low Crime Rate

Let's use Seattle as an example one more time. Seattle is a fairly safe city, or at least is known to be, but let's compare it to Boise and see how it fares. In 2014, the City of Seattle reported that there were almost 1,988 reported accounts of aggravated assault. However, in Boise's 2014 crime report it reported that there were only 412 accounts of aggravated assault. That is quite a significant difference. The Boise area is a safe place to live so you can rest assured that the peace and serenity of the surrounding mountains and plains will not be hindered by any worries about safety.

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