Meridian Idaho Homes for Sale

In the Treasure Valley, there are three big cities that are at the top of everyone's move-to list: Boise, Nampa, and Meridian. The later, Meridian, is the third largest city in the state and is, in many ways, Boise's sister city. Settled on the western edge of Boise, east of Nampa, Meridian is a quaint suburban city that grew rapidly from its humble roots as a farming community into what it is today.

Homes for sale in Meridian, Idaho today are in abundance, and more and more people are moving there every year; but what makes Meridian special? What about it has caused some 83,000 people to live there?

The General Atmosphere of Meridian

One of the many things that has a great influence over people who move to Meridian is its atmosphere. Meridian is a large suburban area and is filled dozens of places to shop, work, and play. This delicate combination, along with its many amazing homes, neighborhoods, and parks, gives it a homey and familiar feeling. It is a suburban paradise.

Types of Homes in Meridian

In Meridian, there is about every kind of home you could imagine. There are mansions, there are cottage-style homes, and everything in between. Many of the homes in Meridian are ranch and craftsman designs, but there are also many custom and luxury homes as well. These homes can be either one or two stories tall, sometimes three depending on the neighborhood, and will have lots of indoor space. There are lots of every size as well, the average being approximately a quarter or a tenth of an acre.

Types of Neighborhoods

Due to Meridian's more recent expansion, many of its neighborhoods are newer which gives them a unique modern feeling. These neighborhoods are usually aesthetically constructed and well maintained. Usually, a neighborhood in Meridian will also have a park that is complete with playground and open grassy fields. However, there are also many that have clubhouses with community pools and Jacuzzis. But, the fun doesn't stop there; it isn't hard to find a neighborhood in Meridian that will also have basketball hoops, tennis courts, and sometimes volleyball nets.

Many of these neighborhoods are also very close to other amenities that can be enjoyed. Amenities that span from public works to entertainment establishments.

Amenities in Meridian

Around Meridian, there are many amenities that citizens may enjoy in a flash, and no part of the city is exempt from that. No matter what part of Meridian that you move to, there will always be plenty of things to do.


Though they were mentioned earlier, parks are a very big part of the Meridian culture. With much of its attention put into the development of city parks, Meridian could easily have the most parks out of any other city in the valley. One of these great parks is Kleiner Park, located on the border between Boise and Meridian. It is a massive park that has acres and acres of open fields of grassy, several playgrounds, a pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater, a fishing pond, and much more. It is a fantastic park to spend a warm spring afternoon as it offers convenient and easy outdoor fun.

The Village at Meridian

Just next door to Kleiner Park is the new, and well loved, Village at Meridian. Comprised of an enormous outdoor food court, shopping mall, movie theater, and bowling alley, the Village at Meridian is a bonafide spectacle to see. It is a popular place for people of all ages to come and enjoy. Its large collection of popular Californian restaurants and designer clothing stores makes it irresistible, and a great way to end a day at Kleiner Park.

The Village at Meridian's movie theater and bowling alley are smaller, compared to the IMAX movie theater on the Boise Bench and the other bowling alleys in the area. But what they lack in size, they make up in quality as they are some of the highest quality establishments of their kind in the valley.

Other shopping and entertainment

If the Village doesn't seem like the place for you, don't despair, there are many more places to shop. Meridian is also home to dozens of department stores, bulk food stores, and, of course, other movie theaters. Not to mention great novelty restaurants, dine-in restaurants, and fast-food joints.

Meridian is also home to a large water park. It is a multi-acre park with dozens of water rides, a wave pool, and even a lazy river. Their rides range from extreme to relaxing so that no matter what kind of water fun you are in the mood for, you can do it there.

Meridian residents can also easily find themselves in Boise, enjoying the amenities of the state capital as well. Due to its close proximity to Boise, it is easy for the people of Meridian to explore Boise's eclectic downtown and enjoy all its wonders. Some of the great parts of downtown include its varying array of restaurants, great shopping opportunities, thriving nightlife, great concerts, sports events of all kinds, and its amazing museums.

Natural Amenities

Meridian is, like the rest of the Treasure Valley, close to dozens of outdoor amenities. Some of these amenities include Lucky Peak Reservoir, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge (Lake Lowell), Bogus Basin and Ski Lodge, the Boise River, the Boise National Forest, and much more. It is also only a few hours from resort towns like McCall or Sun Valley, and outdoor hotspots like Bruneau Sand Dunes, or Craters of the Moon.

These are only a fraction of the reasons why people love living in Meridian, but to find out what you like about, come and see it for yourself. Contact one of our licensed agents and schedule a time to check out some of the great houses for sale in Meridian as well as the amazing amenities that are available to residents.