Most Enjoyable Activities to do in the Treasure Valley

There is so much to do in the Treasure Valley during any time of the year, as well as seasonally. There are arcades, water parks, ski resorts, museums, and more. So, where do you start?


During the winter, check out Bogus Basin Ski Resort. There is so much to do there, from sledding and inner tubing to ski classes and heading down the slopes. You can ski all day and then head into the lodge when you're ready to warm up and cool down with a hot chocolate and meal. If you don't want to spend the money on renting skis and going into the intense parts of the resort, sledding and tubing is a more cost-effective option and is fun for anyone, even someone who has never set foot on a snowy mountain before.


If you are looking for extra fun during the summer months, some great places to visit are Roaring Springs and the Capital City Public Market in downtown Boise. Roaring Springs is a water park with fifteen attractions, some for all ages and some with height restrictions to protect smaller park goers from injury. If you like slides, there are plenty of simple ones as well as more complicated ones for thrill seekers. There are also other fun attractions, such as the wave pool and lazy river. The wave pool produces waves for you to enjoy while either wading around near the "shore" or sitting on a flotation device in the heart of the waves. The lazy river allows you to relax and go with the flow; it winds around the park and runs at a leisurely pace. The Capital City Public Market is a fun Saturday experience during the summer. Since 1994, the market in downtown Boise, Idaho has grown more and more. You can listen to live music while shopping for handmade goods, crafts and foods. At the height of each summer, there are over 150 vendors that occupy the market, which brings a whole lot of variety in fun into the mix. So, you can enjoy the warm air while browsing for unique gifts and taking everything in.

Any time of the year

Throughout the year, there is plenty to do. The Village at Meridian has indoor and outdoor fun, some are seasonal and some stay the same for you all year long. The Village has a movie theater with assigned seats for purchase (which allows you to buy tickets well in advance and not worry about getting good seats when you're late, and it also allows you to get food delivered to your seat) and D-Box seats for purchase as well. D-Box seats are like a 4-D experience, or a mini roller coaster that goes along with the movie. It will shake you at intense scenes and move you around during car chases. It's a blast, and definitely something everyone should try at least once. There are also plenty of shops in the Village, as well as restaurants and cafes. Something else that is fun to experience no matter what time of the year it is, is the Idaho State Historical Museum. Whether you're just visiting the Treasure Valley or you've lived there your whole life, you must see the fun and interesting sites at the Idaho State Historical Museum at least once. There are interesting photos and facts about Idaho's history, and even a two-headed calf named Deja Mu. It's definitely an interesting and fun activity to take part in. If you like museums, be sure to also check out the Boise Art Museum. This art museum in the heart of downtown Boise offers unique pieces from ceramics to paintings, portraits to sculptures. It's also very cost-efficient, at only $6 per adult, $3 per minor or college student (grades 12 and under), $4 if you are a senior or in the military, and children under six years old getting in free. Going to the Boise Art Museum is perfect for rainy days or snow days, or for whenever you want to mix things up in your schedule.

Also on the art end of things, if you like plays, the Boise Contemporary Theater offers phenomenal plays year-round with actors and scripts from all over the country. If you are bored with the typical cinema experience and want something a bit more intellectually edifying or thought provoking, the plays at Boise Contemporary Theater offer a great mix of enjoyable and thought intensive storylines. This isn't the only type of play at the BCT, though. They often have comedies and more light-hearted dramas as well. If you haven't experienced a play before, or you are a play fanatic, be sure to check out the Boise Contemporary Theater's website and find a play that suits your fancy all year round.

If you are looking for something a little livelier in the activity department, especially if you like games, check out Grinkers Grand Palace and Dave and Buster's. Grinkers is unique because it features retro games that you play with a quarter - from Donkey Kong to Pac Man - whereas Dave and Buster's features a wide range of new and innovative arcade games and fun for adults. It depends on your tastes, but either arcade is sure to bring you hours of fun (if you are looking for a more frugal option, Grinkers Grand Palace is the way to go.) There is so much to do in the Boise area. Whether you're looking for something high-brow or casual, you're sure to find something to do every weekend.