Nampa Subdivision

Nampa, Idaho is a gorgeous area that magnificently mixes the rural with suburban life. It has a several bustling shopping centers, including Karcher Mall, and is continually growing and expanding. People who are interested in raising animals or just living on a larger parcel of land while still feeling close enough to the hustle and bustle of a city will want to check out Nampa as a place to plant their roots.

Scattered throughout the Nampa landscape are some newer neighborhoods that are available to build in. Many of these neighborhoods have various price ranges starting as low as the $100,000s. Likewise, moving to Nampa does have some of the perks of rural areas such as closer communities and more freedom to work the land if you wish. Let's take a stroll through some of those neighborhoods to see what special options they have to offer!

Granite Basin is a neighborhood primarily built by Hubble Homes Construction. This builder is one that has many floorplans available to choose from and make your own. Located close to Karcher Mall, this neighborhood is perfect for people looking to build closer to the heart of Nampa. It also has easy access to the freeway, which means that it'll be easy to travel around the area. This neighborhood is fantastic if you want to be close to Boise, but not in the immediate suburb. There are several lot sizes to choose from when deciding where to build- this includes some larger lots with space for a third car garage, so if you are looking to build a home with space for your larger toys such as boats and atvs, look no further than Granite Basin.

Are you looking to build somewhere that is close to water so that you can enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities more readily? Westminster is a neighborhood that is close to Lake Lowell, offering quite a short drive in order to enjoy the water. Similar to Granite Basin, Westminster is close to different stores and shops, making it an ideal location for those who want to live close to grocery stores, etc. The focus of this neighborhood is on "worry-free" living, which is evidenced by it's location and dedication to well cared for common areas. A playground as typically a welcomed addition any subdivision, and Westminster is proud to say that there is a playground in the neighborhood. Overall, a nice place to live with easy access to one of Nampa's most popular outdoor areas. Also close to Lake Lowell is the Fall River Estates subdivision. Currently entering the final building stage, stage six, Fall River Estates boasts a very active social scene. This neighborhood does have a homeowner's association, but don't let that deter you. They are fantastic at making sure things in the neighborhood run smoothly and are also instrumental in planning different activities to foster good vibes between neighbors. These events are scattered throughout the year and can be previewed on the Facebook page for the neighborhood. If you are looking to build here, one of the first things you'll notice while exploring the space is that there are stunning water features scattered throughout that draw attention to how well kept Fall River Estates is on a regular basis. Additionally, it should be noted that the homes and lots in this final phase are available for a wide range in prices. This allows for many people seeking to build to find exactly what they want at a price point that can keep them comfortable.

When it comes to home building, it's not uncommon for people to want to build a custom home as opposed to a pre-designed plan. In this aspect, Lava Springs is a neighborhood that can deliver. One positive of this location is that they strive to offer custom built houses without breaking the bank, so if you are struggling to find somewhere that sounds right for you, Lava Spring may be able to help you out. This premier neighborhood is more than just a collection of houses, it is a community of people who share similar ideals. Holistic design permeates the common spaces, of which there are many. Six gigantic recreational areas are accompanied by other large common areas, and the community even houses its own charter school- a very unique addition for a neighborhood. Landscaping adds to the grandeur that is Lava Springs, and it even extends to a lovely pool area. If you are interested in living in a place that supports education and exercise, definitely swing by and check out Lava Springs in Nampa. They likely have a place just for you.

Lighthouse Estates Community is a great neighborhood in Nampa as well. Everything you may need is close enough for you to bike to, including access to the Greenbelt. If you are interested in playing soccer or participating in many other outdoor activities, there are three community parks located nearby. People looking to build in the neighborhood will be pleased to know that there are many options to choose from including landscaping and planning the color schemes inside and outside of their home.

Because Nampa is growing so much, it is a fantastic place to live. From many shopping centers to many new subdivisions, parks to Lake Lowell, you will never run out of things to do in the area and, sometimes, right outside your door. Build your new home here and you will love the experience of living in Nampa!