What Makes the Hughes Group of Silvercreek Realty Great

There are many real estate agents in the Treasure Valley. Many that know the Boise area well; so, why should you choose to go with an agent from the Hughes Group instead of someone else? Well, in order to find out let's take a look at why the Hughes Group stands out from the rest. The inner workings of this amazing group that give its agents a leg above the competition.

To really understand what makes the Hughes Group so amazing you will need to add in a lot of factors. So many factors that it may be hard to know where to start. So, let's start off here, at resources.


Now, when we say resources, we don't mean things like websites and information - those will come later. When we say resources, we mean supplies. It may not seem like much, but having the right tools and supplies is crucial for a selling agent. If they don't have the materials necessary to hold open houses, put out advertising, or make flyers, then you might have a problem selling your home. Though all these supplies look like they are just a pile of papers and boring old copy machines, they are quite important to the selling process. A Hughes Group agent will always have all the paper, signs, and other supplies needed to list and sell your home in a prompt manner.


Another overlooked thing, like supplies and resources, is information. You can't sell a home without the info. Our agents can get you the statistics and information you need to price, and ultimately sell, your home. Agents can get competitive market analyses on your home so they can give prospective buyers all the information they could ever need. An agent with the Hughes Group will always have the information necessary to sell your home.


The Hughes Group has been in the business for quite some time, and in that time they have made quite a few connections. These range from maintenance to lenders, inspectors to movers - everything you might need. If an agent is lacking a solid network of professionals, they will not be as able to sell your home as well as one who does have those connection. A Hughes Group agent has access to one of the most extensive networks of professionals in the valley and can use it to sell your home.


There are many ins and outs of real estate subtle nuances that can be quite tricky to figure out. These nuances have befuddled even the most well-meaning real estate agents, but not the Hughes Group agents. Hughes Group agents are constantly being trained on the newest and best systems, laws, procedures, and even selling tactics that come on around. They have weekly training meetings, certification courses, and various other training courses that they go through regularly to maintain their sharp edge on the competition. Hughes Group agents will always have the best training available in all things real estate; from selling to real estate related laws and procedures, they will know it.


Now days, in the wake of the digital (and now mobile) revolution, it is impossible to do business without the internet. You need a website, and a darn good one at that. Just having a website is half the battle, in order to compete with all the other real estate teams out there, one needs to have an efficient, effective, well-marketed, and beautiful website. Without it, the fight is virtually lost. That is the benefit of the Hughes Group Team. Whether you are trying to sell a home through them, or join the ranks, you can reap the benefits of their website expertise. Their tech staff is versed in all the newest and best web development programs and software, and even have training in search engine optimization (SEO). A Hughes Group agent always has the benefits of a fully functional website, and a fully staffed tech team.


Life happens, even to the super machines at the Hughes Group, and there are somethings we just can't do because of time restrictions or anything else for that matter. However, that won't slow down anyone working for the Hughes Group. At the Hughes Group there are over 50 agents working side by side so they can all succeed. All of these agents work together to make sure that everyone's clients are taken care of with the care and attention they deserve. Hughes Group agents have each other's backs and they will do anything to help each other out.

Support Staff

After the amazing website and tech team, the Hughes Group also has a legendary support staff. This team of assistants, recruiters, trainers, writers, and marketers are there every step of the way to make sure that the agent can live up to the standard of excellence that the Hughes Group has set. The support staff is there to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and they are ready and willing to help agent and client alike. The Hughes Group agents will never be left without a team to help them get the job done.

Experienced Mentors

Last, but certainly not least, the Hughes Group agents are given a hand by some of the greatest mentors around. These experienced real estate agents have walked the road before and have learned from their experiences what to do in just about any situation imaginable. They are always there for advice, mentoring, and training. The mentors at the Hughes Group are one of the greatest assets this team has as they can share their wisdom with their team and help set their teammates up for success.

Now, we could go on and on about the amazing qualities of the Hughes Group, but this is all the time we have. There are many more things that make the Hughes Group so great, find them out by calling one today. They can help you with anything you might need, whether it be selling a home, buying a home, or looking to join the team yourself. Call today!