Open House Advertising Ideas

Realtors have many tools that they can use to help sell your home. One of those tools is the open house. Not all real estate agents like to do open houses, however, if your realtor does, there are several things that you can do to help spread the word and get people to attend. Make sure, however, that you discuss your advertising ideas with your realtor before the big event to make sure you are both on the same page.

Newspaper Ads

Newspapers are full of advertisements for various things. Some people even have their home itself listed in the paper. However, if you want to reach a wide audience, you may consider using an ad in the newspaper. These cost a little bit to reserve, so you will want to make the ad so it gives the most information in the least amount of letters. Most of the time it is effective to just give the basic information like What, When, and Where with a few power phrases. For example, a newspaper ad could go like this: Amazing Open House - Must see!, 10am to 4pm Saturday, 6565 N Lane St. Boise. You can write it however you like, just try and make it compact because then it won't cost you as much to place the ad.


Not many people realize the power of Craigslist when it comes to selling a home. There are ads on Craigslist for almost everything, and you open house could be one of them. It is pretty easy to set up an account, and it is completely free to put up ads so you won't have to worry about paying like with the newspaper. (You may also consider posting your house itself on Craigslist if you haven't already)

Make sure that your ad on Craigslist is also compact and powerful. When you post an ad on Craigslist, you will want to make the title similar to the newspaper ad, but shorter. Since you can write more on the inside of the ad, all your title needs to do is get people to click on it and read. A title could be something like Must See Open House! with the date. On the inside of the ad you could write things like the what, when, where, and so forth. You will also want to write a bit on the inside of the ad that explains more about the house. For instance, you could write down the square footage, the number of bedrooms, or the lot size. Just be sure to take it down after the open house is over.


The week before an open house, you can also start advertising with signs. Signs are a well-known form of both formal and informal advertising. Much like with yard and garage sales, signs for an open house can also draw people to your front door. Most likely your real estate agent will have signs that you can use on the day of the open house, but during the days before hand, you can prime your audience with signs in your neighborhood.

Make sure, however, that when you get your signs that they look professional. Both the public's image of your home and the reputation of your realtor will be tarnished if the signs that you put out aren't up to par. There are many different kinds of signs that you can find, so pick ones that work for you and your budget and get them all ready. Make sure, however, to spell everything on the sign correctly so that you can send the right message to passersby.

The information on the signs should be simple, yet effective. Don't worry about it being catchy or well written, all you need to do is to get the necessary information on there. An example of a simple open house sign would look something like this: Open House This Saturday. It doesn't have to be any more than that. The day before your open house you may want to exchange your signs with ones that say Open House Tomorrow! Or something to that effect. Then, on the day of the open house, replace your signs with your realtor's signs.

Be sure that it is legal to post signs in your local area. Some cities, and even Homeowners' Associations, that restrict signposting in certain places. Make an effort to find out all the rules and regulations for sign posting in the neighborhood where your home is to ensure that you are in the clear before you start printing them off.

Keeping your signs safe from the elements is another vital part of sign advertising. When you leave your signs out for even one day they can take a lot of abuse, so remember to get extras just in case. It might even pay off to laminate the signs you have so they are more likely to survive for the six days or so that you have them up.

Social Media

The use of social media as a marketing platform can be difficult, but very effective. Since the advent of social media, people have been getting more and more active with what they post; which means that people's news feeds get filled with new information every few seconds. This makes it hard for even a daily post to be seen by enough people for it to make a difference.

To get more people to see your post, you can do a thing called promote a post. Once you have a page for your open house, you can pay to have certain posts promoted to the top of people's news feed (if they have liked your page). Getting people to like your page is a bit difficult. However, you might offer anyone who likes the page a free drink when they come to the open house, or something like that.

Getting the attention of a massive audience is a challenge, but with these tips, and some direction from your realtor, you should be able to draw many people to your home. There are many more ideas on how to advertise an open house, so keep looking around if these are not right for you.