Perks of Living in Boise

Boise, Idaho is the capital of the state. It has its own charms and casts a spell on anyone who passes through but is especially beloved by its citizens. The city is home to many different cultures, and each one tells its own tale and bring an individual aspect to Boise. To highlight only one or two reasons that Boise is one of the greatest places to live would be a travesty, so let's bring to light the many reasons that locals stay and newcomers flock to the City of Trees.

To begin with, many people love Boise because it's an affordable place to live. Rent is not too high, and many homes for sale are at good price points with many amenities. Plus, the neighborhoods throughout the Treasure Valley tend to have fun additions such as community pools, gyms, and clubhouses. Buying a home in Boise means living in a beautiful area with opportunities that are endless regarding exciting activities and events.

Utilities and such are well priced as well, especially considering that it's one of the largest cities in the state. Going to other areas of the country that are the same size as Boise and the surrounding towns will often turn up higher utility prices. Groceries are quite affordable, plus there are many different options regarding places to shop for them. There are the typical grocery stores that sell the basic necessities, such as Albertson's and Walmart, then there are stores like WinCo and Costco that sell bulk foods at lower price points. For those who need specialty ingredients due to various diet choices and restrictions, there are plenty of great options including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and the Boise Co-op.

Boise is also home to a fantastic array of microbreweries and bars. For those who are beer, wine, or liquor enthusiasts, this city is a great place to enjoy locally created spirits at bars with awesome ambiance and great food. For those who don't drink, the Treasure Valley has some of the greatest restaurants, including some that have been featured on shows such as Man Vs. Food and many other Food Network shows. There is a vast variety of food cultures represented in the area, so food connoisseurs will be thrilled to experience the cuisines of Vietnam, Japan, and Italy- and that doesn't even begin to cover the countries represented. Plus, there's the ever-present potato for which Idaho is so famous. Boise may be the best place to find fresh fries, plus there are novelty dishes like the ice cream potato to look forward to at the Western Idaho Fair. Ice cream potatoes may sound daunting, but really they are delicious ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, sliced in half, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Then, the whole thing is drizzled in chocolate sauce. It's delicious, and only found in Idaho!

When asked, though, almost every citizen will talk about the stunning views of the mountains and the proximity to the mountains being one of the main draws to the state of Idaho. There's hardly a horizon that doesn't have one mountain in all of its glory in the whole of the Treasure Valley because, after all, it is a valley. Needless to say, the sunrises and sunsets are unrivaled in splendor: paintings sprawling across the sky, stretching out in various, vibrant shades of orange, blue, purple, and pink. Hiking is highly enjoyable throughout the foothills, plus there are many activities that are also enjoyable in the mountains such as hunting and camping.

For kayakers and whitewater rafting fans, the various rivers charting courses through the Idaho landscape prove to be rowdy and boisterous. Excursions can be taken out with licensed professionals to help ensure the safety of anyone trying to tackle the rapids. Boise River Park is available with waveshapers to help kayaking enthusiasts to hone their skills and practice in a more controlled environment. Plus, the wave shapers are ideal for the green wave surfers to play in and the water has some slow spots that allow for boaters to enter and exit while to enjoy the water.

In the summer, there are fun things to do such as floating the Boise River from Barber Park to Ann Morrison. This highly popular pastime is a great way to cool off and experience Boise from a new angle. There are several points of the river that coincide with the city's longest walking trail called the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is a walking and biking path that winds through trees for over 25 miles and is continually expanded. The serenity and enjoyment of having a trail so close to many homes, businesses, and the water is a unique experience. Some use it to get from one place to another while others take to the path to think through things and connect with the great outdoors.

The Treasure Valley is a community that has a lot of emphasis on enjoying nature and enjoying time with friends and neighbors in the area. This leads to plenty of fun events- something is always happening for people to enjoy or to volunteer to help with. From holiday bazaars to outdoor concerts and movies, an active community awaits any soul looking for a good way to spend the day or evening.

As a whole, one of the greatest cities in the United States is in one of the most underappreciated states, but that's why Idahoans are so proud to call Boise their home. Don't believe us? Check it out and learn for yourself!

Outdoor and Boise

The beauty of the outdoors abounds throughout Idaho, but Boise is a fantastic location that manages to mix the beauty of nature with the functionality of the city. Living in Boise means being able to pop into just about any store you can think of one minute, and the next could find you on top of a mountain, overlooking the Treasure Valley. There are countless hikes in the area- some have more rocky terrain that showcases the desert scenery, while other hikes take a windy route through trees and riversides.

Many residents come to Idaho for its weather. The climate can be pretty dry, which is the dream for folks who dread more humid locations. Also, the seasons do exist, unlike other areas, but they don't hit record highs and lows. Moderate seasons make it easier to enjoy the outdoor activities that Boise has to offer.

Winter weather is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The snow and the dry climate allow for some of the most crisp clean air rushing past as you fly down the hill. Ski lifts provide breathtaking views of pine against snow- a glittering, dazzling contrast that is unrivaled in beauty. Plus, there are many one-of-a-kind experiences to be had snowshoeing through vast white blankets of snow while being able to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Hunters and fishers are highly pleased with the opportunities that the mountains around the Boise area present. Plus, with the Snake River running through Boise, the fishing doesn't get much better. Sturgeon fishermen will be pleased to know that there are a few options when it comes to sturgeon fishing around the Boise area. Idaho Fish and Game works incredibly hard to ensure safety of the animals, so it's important to follow guidelines set in motion by them as well as obtaining the proper licensing to ensure the enjoyment of any hunting and fishing endeavors.

Idaho is well known for its natural hot springs scattered throughout the land. Boise is close to a few, though many people find that following maps and books that have charted the locations is the best way to find them. Most hot springs that don't charge money require a bit of a hike, but it's difficult to find an activity that is more fun and relaxing than taking a dip in nature's own hot tub. Hot river stones also can have a therapeutic role not unlike the hot stones one would find in a spa. One drawback, and also indicator that there is a hot spring nearby, is the sulfur smell that the springs emit, but that is a small price to pay for an excursion that is so enjoyable.

Droves of Idahoans love to bike, so Boise city planners have made leaps and bounds toward helping bicyclists have magnificent trails to take and have bike lanes on the road. Whether the path is paved or dirt, bikers will be so pleased when they realize just how awesome Boise is for the sport. Bicycle shops can be found all over the place, so finding a new bike or fine tuning a favorite are both easy options. Many neighborhoods in Boise have even taken the love of biking into account and have included biking trails throughout the neighborhood communities so that residents don't have to go far from home to enjoy their nightly ride.

Hiking is a hot topic in the Treasure Valley. Many local spots are open year-round to hike, and several parks have been built close to popular hiking spots. One well-known place to test out your hiking boots is Table Rock. There are quite a few ways of enjoying this particular hike. By starting early in the morning- before the light has touched the sky- many people enjoy the steady pace up the mountain to enjoy a beautiful summit with a wondrous sunrise. Likewise, there are several who enjoy driving part of the way up and hiking the rest of the way. Bringing bouldering gear is not a bad idea for those who are lovers of the climb. There are many great cracks and crevices that are low enough for bouldering, or slightly higher for those more interested in a short rock climb in climbing gear. Very low-key setting to climb, which makes it a great destination for an evening trip as the sun sets. Boise area has plenty of places to play and enjoy hiking and climbing.

One very noticeable thing to anyone interested in buying a home in the Boise area, is the love of golf that many Treasure Valley residents have. There is not a shortage of places to tee up and enjoy a morning finishing first on all 18 holes. In addition to traditional golf, there are a few playing fields where people can play frisbee golf and compete against friends and community members.

Being in Boise opens up many fun avenues of entertainment that don't include a screen, but rather is centered around becoming one with nature and enjoying time with friends and neighbors. From hiking and enjoying an hour or two in a natural hot spring to snowboarding and watching the mountains fly past, being outside is often going to lead to a wonderful adventure. If you find yourself thinking that you don't know what to do, just look outside and imagine what sorts of activities are out there that you haven't experienced yet. There's something for everyone, so grab some gear. The great outdoors awaits.