Shopping in Boise

Edith Head has been quoted again and again for a profound phrase that refers to fashion. She said that "you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." While it may not resonate with everyone, it's difficult to deny the profundity behind this simple phrase. What we wear is a great way to let others around us know of our moods, personalities, goals, and experiences. Even before we speak, we are letting others get to know a brief glimpse of who we are by simply being there in the clothing we are wearing. Because this is the case, it is understandable that the fashion industry puts out so many styles, shapes, and sizes of clothing- not to mention the numerous stores and ways to obtain clothes.

Some people, for one reason or another, would rather frequent a second-hand store than pop on down to the mall or nearest boutique. It may be because they are looking for more one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their closet. Because second-hand stores are not selling new clothing, it can be like a treasure hunt when searching the racks. It's rare to find the same article in a thrift or antique shop as opposed to a large chain store specializing in today's newest fashions. Additionally, there may be a fascination with wearing styles that are out of trend right now and therefore may not be available on the new racks of cutting-edge stores. Heading for a consignment or vintage shop may be just the ticket to finding the perfect pair of pants to accent that funky shirt with a 70s vibe. Finally, many people shop second-hand because the prices are often much less than heading to the mall to replenish your wardrobe. A finely trained eye can pick out deals at a thrift store and a dedicated person can meet the challenge head-on in order to be able to stretch a dollar.

Throughout Boise, many second-hand store-goers are ecstatic with the options at their fingertips. Downtown Boise is home to the glorious Lux Fashion Lounge. Specializing in vintage, designer, and high end looks, it's a great place to visit for both buyers and sellers. They will announce on their website what types of clothing are being accepted at any given time so that those who are cleaning out their closets can keep an eye out for fashions that may be resellable or consignable. They purchase clothing for cash or in-store credit as long as it is a current fashion trend and doesn't look terribly worn. They also buy designer clothing that is high end. For more information about selling, call, stop in or visit their website. The guidelines are fairly easy to understand and they are pleasant to work with while buying or selling. Lux carries clothing for all who wear adult clothing sizes and it's pretty safe to say that every shopping experience will show a new variety of clothing, slightly differing or majorly differing from any past experiences at the store. Once Upon a Time is a store with several booths that vary in product. In the back, however, one will find a room filled with one of a kind fashions from decades past. From hats to shoes, suits to dresses, it's a magical place that transforms into a time machine for visitors who are longing to find a crinoline for that limp dress in their closet. Various other booths also offer intriguing styles from various ages and it is a fun store to explore if antiquing in general sounds like a fun way to spend the day. Though it is not technically focused on clothing, the second-hand quota is definitely fulfilled and a great many items can be found scattered throughout the store. Since the store is full to the brim with trinkets and collectibles, it's a good idea to set aside some time to fully browse and enjoy items that are quirky and items that may bring back fond memories.

Boise has recently become home to a store that has headquarters in Salt Lake City, though definitely earns a spot in the top names of second-hand stores in the Boise area. Uptown Cheapskate marries the trends and seasons happening today with the prices many shoppers are looking for. With quite an eclectic mix of clothing, Uptown Cheapskate allows the fashionable, chic individual of today's world into a place where they can afford to stay on trend as fashion morphs into tomorrow. They are open to buy high-quality clothing as well as sell it, which helps to ensure a rotating stock that stays fresh and current and doesn't get stale. Plus, they hold sales and allow people to donate clothing to benefit a charity that allows underprivileged American kids to build schools in countries where education isn't currently as openly available. This charity also inspires the American students to work in their local community to improve the places they live before promoting volunteer work in outside countries. To learn more about the way this store gives back, stop on by or check out their website.

Fashion lovers need not feel the pinch of finances as much when they hit the streets of Boise because there are many stores available for perusal that give cute clothing a second chance. Being able to sell back some fashions after spring cleaning or before a big move can open doors to allow for a cheaper replacement wardrobe or interesting decor for sale at one of the stores mentioned above. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a good deal, so bring along friends and guests the next time you head out with your thrifting eyes peeled. You never know what you are going to find!