Space Saving Ideas

1) Use every available inch of your home

Whether preparing to sell your home or making room for new items, space saving ideas may be helpful when organizing and tidying up around the house. There are plenty of places around the house that have unused space, and if you are low on space, then you know how important it is to utilize all of it. So, the first thing to do when you need more space is to identify all the spaces around your home that can be used, even if is tiny, that can be used for storage. These kinds of spaces are sometimes called dead space - space that traditionally would not be used for storage. These can include the space above a door or television as well as narrow stretches of wall between doorways where you can put a few shelves.

2) Use the back of doors

Another dead space that is famous for space seekers to use is the back of doors. Now these can be doors to closets, pantries, or bedrooms. Usually, there is some space left over between the door and the wall when it is open or closed.

One way that you can utilize the back of a door is to buy a shoe organizer. Shoe organizers are a large sheet of pockets that hang on the back of a door to hold shoes - or anything really. Using these in a laundry room can mean a new way to store cleaning supplies, in a bedroom a place to store knickknacks, and in a closet it can store - well shoes.

If you don't want to invest in a shoe organizer, you can always create small wooden shelves to put on the inside of the door. These can be bought, or just built out of a few pieces of wood. Aside from shoe organizers or a small wooden shelf, there are many other things that you can do with the back of a door to help save you space. For instance, laundry hampers can come in simple cloth backs that can easily be hung on the backside of a door. However, this trick is not just limited to full sides doors, but can also be applied to the back sides of cupboards. Small wooden shelves are the best option here, but if need be small cloth pockets could also be used. This way you cupboard space will be doubled and your kitchen supplies will be much easier to find.

3) Get furniture that doubles as storage

There are many manufacturers that are doing this right now which makes it easier than ever to add storage to your home. Examples of these kinds of furniture include ottomans, coffee tables, and benches. You can buy these types of furniture at nearly any place where furniture is sold. There are plenty of options online as well, just search for different pieces of furniture that have storage and you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

Along that same line, there is also the option of using the space behind pictures or paintings as storage. Though small, a small storage space can be added to the back of a painting. This can be for jewelry or other valuables because of their low profile, or they can be used for just average everyday stuff. This will, however, make your rooms and hallways seem tighter with the extra inch or so added to the back of a picture.

Along this same line is the idea of having furniture that serves two uses. An example of this can be a bookshelf and a night stand. In an ideal world you would have both in your bedroom, however, when trying to save space, it is best to combine the two. All that is needed is to save a small space on the bookshelf for whatever you would normally put on the nightstand and bring it next to your bed. This effect can also be achieved when you use your closet for your desk as well as your clothes, or when you turn a bench into a storage cupboard.

4) Hanging Lamps

This is simple idea, but if you are trying to get more room in your home, try and use hanging lamps instead of standing ones. You can also use ceiling fans instead of normal standing fans to cut down on space as well.

5) Utilize space saving furniture

There are many kinds of space saving furniture around there. Above dual functioning furniture, which is a category of space savers was mentioned, but here are a few different kinds of ideas that may make a significant difference.

The first idea here is for beds. Beds are, usually, the biggest thing in a bedroom. They take up a lot of space and make it nearly impossible to use all the space you would like to. However, there are several ways to make your beds more space efficient. The most conservative of which is to first maximize you under the bed storage.

To increase you're under the bed storage all you need to do is raise the bed up higher. Now, unless you are afraid of heights or roll off your bed a lot, this shouldn't be a big problem. There are several ways to do this, however. There are actual bed risers that you can buy at places like Bed Bath and Beyond or any other department store and they come in many different designs; some of which have outlets and USB ports built into them so they can act as an extension cord. If you want to go with a simpler, yet not necessarily cheaper, option, you can pick up a few cinder blocks from the hardware store and place them under your bed to give it some extra elevation.

On a similar note there is also the possibility of getting a hanging bed or a bunk bed without a bottom bunk if this makes the most sense as a long-term solution. This will allow you to put whatever you need underneath the bed, thus saving space. A lot of people use this idea by putting desks where the bottom bunk would usually go - which is perfect for a college dorm room or apartment.

Another bed idea, one that would take a little bit more work and maybe a bit more money, is to get a fold away Murphy bed.

Now these are just a few ideas that can help you save space, so keep searching until you find ones that work for you and your needs.