Steps to Owning an AirBnb

Hosting an Airbnb property can be incredibly rewarding. An Airbnb is a location that works similarly to a hostel or a hotel but is run by a host who isn't a large franchise or chain. There are many ways to run an Airbnb, but one of the most common practices is to purchase a property separate from the home being lived in by the host that's available to rent at a moment's notice. It can be a bit of work and take a some investing, but the extra income that it can bring in is certainly a perk that many people enjoy.

First, it's important to find a property with a good location. If investing in a new property is on the list, then it's a good idea to meet up with a real estate agent who can help find a place that's well priced and in a good location. A home or condo near public transportation can be a huge bonus because many Airbnb customers would like to be able to easily travel or walk to food and entertainment. If there are specific activities that the area is well known for, such as a great nightlife, outdoor activities, or music and film festivals, finding a place near the action can be a good idea, but so can being slightly out of the way. This option allows for guests to be close to the events that they'd like to be, but gives them the chance to go back to the Airbnb to unwind. It depends a lot on what type of guest is preferred.

Once the property is secured, it's time to fix it up! The draw of an Airbnb for many travelers is the idea that they can stay in a place that feels like a home away from home. What this means is different to different travelers. A few things to keep in mind are that most travelers want a place that's well cared for, that doesn't feel too lived in, and that is a relaxing place to stay. With this in mind, designing the newly purchased property to become a stellar place to rent out shouldn't be too hard. It's important for the place to have some originality, so take the liberty to have fun with colors, patterns, and prints. Enjoy this stage of furnishing and decorating for guests. A place with personality is likely to gather a lot of traffic if it's executed well.

After furnishing and decorating, it's important to stock the home with necessities such as toilet paper and dining ware, it's time to put up an ad on the Airbnb site. Luckily, there are quite a few vetting processes that potential guests and hosts must go through, so there is less worry on both ends regarding scams and people who won't take care of the property while staying. Once on the site, writing a bio about the property is crucial to convincing guests to stay. The descriptions of the rooms should show the style and capture special characteristics of the place. More details peppering each paragraph will draw in the potential "renters" like moths to a flame. Additionally, photos should be added to show a good representation of the Airbnb. It should be clean, well-lit, and accurately represent the location so that people can get a sense for where they are going to be staying.

Being fast and clear in replies and communication with people who are interested in staying in your space can be the difference between someone wanting to stay and them deciding to go with a different Airbnb, so make sure to spell things correctly and answer as soon as you are able. Don't be afraid to talk up the place a bit. The higher the approval rating from guests who stay, the more Airbnb will suggest that you charge to rent the place. People pay for good service, so provide it and business will boom. Pricing the property for nightly rental can be a bit tricky, but luckily there are guides and suggestions by the website and company itself. It may be a good idea to research surrounding places and take the average price of a few dollars. People will look for a good deal, but they may worry that if the price is too low, the area it's in may be a bit scary. Plus, as a host, there must be an awareness of the types of people you'd like to stay in the Airbnb. A price that's much lower than other properties may draw in a different group that is slightly less careful while a price that's higher than the surrounding places could bring in people who expect a higher quality place and may be pickier.

Once a guest has booked the location, it's all about making sure that they have the key and a clean place to stay. After check out is a crucial time to make sure that the appliances and such are working properly, the gardening is up-kept, and cleaning is done to prepare for a new set of guests. Paying a professional maid service may be a worthwhile expense, especially since that charge can be added onto the price of a night's rental. As with the online description of the place, the small details are the things that will have people coming back for more and leaving positive feedback. Consider purchasing a box of pillow mints to leave for guests to find when they first come in and check out the digs. Learning a bit of toilet paper origami can be a pleasant surprise for the first person who enters the loo.

Owning an Airbnb property can be a lot of fun. Make sure to enjoy every step of the journey as the purpose of the company is to bring communities together and help travelers to enjoy the space and boost the economy of the area. Hosts help this dream to come true!