The Boise Public Library - a Treasure to Cherish

Moving to a new place can be quite an exciting adventure. It is a time to learn about a new place; a time to experience a new culture, and a time to see what all lies in store for you. One thing that the people of Boise are not shy about is their appreciation for the Boise Public Library. "The library?" Yes! The library! The Boise library, or rather the Boise library system (There are over half a dozen libraries in the City of Boise alone), is one of this wonderful place's most amazing resources.

But, before we get into all that, it is best to start with its name. Yes, it has a different name than just the Boise Public Library. True, on paper it is called that, but on the side of all its buildings and on most of the paraphernalia that it passes out it simply says 'Library!' - exclamation point and all. It may seem strange at first to see that exclamation point, but once you find out what all the Boise library system gives to this community, you'll see why it deserves it.

The Library Has a Huge Collection of Books, Movies, and Other Media 

Like most libraries, the Boise Public Library has an awesome collection of media for residents to enjoy. Each branch of the library has a decent sized collection, but, through the system, you can have books shipped from the other branches to yours. That way you won't have to drive to another location to get a book. (The same goes for books on tape, movies, and all other media). So no matter what you want to check out, you can get your hands on it relatively easily. Not to mention they will email you when the things you've ordered comes in. (It doesn' take too long to go from one branch to another, usually only a day or two depending on the day).

The Library Allows Cardholders Access to a massive database of EBooks and EAudiobooks

If you like to read on your electronic devices, or want to listen to your books without going to the library to pick them up, you can always download their electronic files. The library has hundreds of titles on Eformat that you can check out and download for a predetermined period of time.

Boise Library Cardholders Can Also Use the Library's Computers and Other Technology

After checking out books, movies, and other media, the library's next most commonly used resource would have to be its computers, WIFI, and other useful tech. All of the libraries have at least a handful of computers that people can use. They can check their email, surf the web, do research, work, and so on and so forth. You can also use their WIFI network if you have a laptop or mobile device.

However, that is not all. At some of the library branches, especially the downtown library, there are laptops and tablets that cardholders can check out for a few hours while they are in the library. This way everyone can use the technology they are familiar with, and those that want to become more familiar with other technologies can do that.

Down at the Garden City Library, an independent library that works seamlessly with the Boise library system for Boise library cardholders, you can also check out small MiFi units (a MiFi device is a portable box about the size of a cell phone that acts as a WIFI router) to take home for 2 weeks. This is great for people who don' have the internet in their home, or are in the process of trying to get internet in their home.

The Boise Downtown Library is the Proud Owner of Several 3D Printers

If you have never used a 3D printer, you need to go try it out at the library as soon as you can. It is a great experience for anyone who is curious about the latest technologies or anyone who just likes to create.

The way a 3D printer works is it builds an object from the ground up by laying down hot plastic and that cools within a fraction of a second. The printer then goes over that first layer of plastic with another, and then another, and so on until it has built the entire object. It is a fun and inexpensive way to build small to medium sized objects.

To tell the printer what to print, you need to download the 3D files from the internet (or make them yourself if you can). There are plenty of websites you can use to find 3D plans for free that will work perfectly with the library's printers. One of these websites that the Library recommends is is a great website that has hundreds of thousands of designs that you can choose from - all for free!

To use the library's 3D printers you must schedule an appointment on their website. You can only do one 2 hour appointment a week, but most designs, if they are small can easily be printed in that time. However, if it has many parts you can schedule one appointment one week and then another the next and print out different parts each time.

Classes, Clubs, and Clinics

The Boise Library system also hosts quite a number of classes, clubs, and clinics that can be enjoyed by anyone from the public. They have fun movie nights, game nights, and much more. All of these events are worth mentioning, but the following are a few that we thought were quite extraordinary. For more information about these, or other activities at the library, you can check their website, or give them a call.

Tax Preparation Aid

One of the library's most helpful resources would have to be its annual tax preparation clinics. These are open to anyone who makes less than $62,000 a year. Through this program (which is held in April most years) volunteers from Boise State University's Finance and Accounting department help eligible candidates fill out and file their taxes.

Rules and regulations for this program may change from year to year. Please call the library for specifics.

Free Law Council Clinic

Another of the most helpful activities that the library has to offer is their bi-monthly law clinics. This is a service provided by the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association in connection with Concordia University School of Law and the University of Idaho. It is designed to provide legal counsel for people who can't afford it.

It is a first-come first-severed program that is held at the downtown library on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. It is usually in the evenings, but to find the exact time, please call the library at their downtown office.

Free Coding Lessons

Coding is at the heart of our community. If you know how to code and can do it well, you're employment opportunities automatically become a lot larger. You can also enjoy many new hobbies and can start fixing your own computer (provided your skill level is high enough). The library understands that and has setup a way so that cardholders can take coding classes for free online. They also have web development lessons and many other computer based courses.

Language Learning Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language for work or travel, but don't have the time or money? Well, thanks to the Boise Library, you can learn languages on your own time using their programs. The library's online subscription to the Mango Languages program allows you to get online and learn languages for free. They have courses in languages like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The library also has access to an ESL program as well (English as a Second Language) so people who want to improve their English can study for free.

Free Music!

There is nothing more beautiful to the ear than the sound of free music. The Boise Library has a subscription to a website called With this subscription, you can download music from all types of genres, even the some of the latest music can be found there. A cardholder can download up to 5 songs a week. Now, you can jam to your favorite tunes at no cost to you.

Database Access

The library also grants its cardholders access to a number of databases. These databases have boundless supplies of information that can be used by anyone. There are databases that have articles on business, science, travel, technology, investing, car repairs, and so much more.

The Boise Library is a treasured part of this community and we gladly claim it as the 'Library!' thanks to all of the good it does. The library is an integral part of the Treasure Valley and is definitely an amenity that you should consider if you decide to move here.

To find out more about Boise, Eagle, Meridian, or any other part of the Treasure Valley, and the other amenities they offer to their residents, contact one of our licensed and experienced Real estate agents here at the Hughes Group. They will be glad to help you get familiar with the area and take care of any of the questions you might have; so call now!