Tips for Home Organization

If you are moving at all, whether it be into a big house or a small one, organizing your things is always a must. However, even if you haven't moved and you just want to tame the home you already inhabit, it is always good to get new ideas and perspective. So, in order to distress your mess, here are a few tips to make your home a little less claustrophobia-inducing.

1) Hang a pegboard for accessories

This tip can not only help you get organized but can also help you reclaim some space in the process. If you like to buy a lot of accessories, or just want to find a way to more efficiently store what you already have, you can easily reign in the mess with the help of a peg board. Pegboards give you the ability to separately hang your bracelets, necklaces, and watches. This allows you to see everything you have to work with, but the benefits don't stop there. When hung on a peg board, accessories won't rub against each other, getting scratched or dented, and they won't get tangled together either.

Pegboards can be found at almost any department store and are not very expensive. They hang very easy on the wall, or can be placed on top of a dresser to lean against the wall.

2) Use and ice cube tray for smaller accessories

If you have rings or earrings that you want to keep safe and well organized, you may consider using an inexpensive ice cube tray, which can be found at almost any department store. The ice cube tray gives you many small compartments to store a single set of earrings or just one ring. And, just like the peg board, it keeps them all separate so they don't scratch or dent themselves.

3) Use shoe boxes in your dresser drawers

Getting all of your clothes to fit into one dresser can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. It seems like most of the time, you have more clothes than dresser drawer. However, by using shoe boxes, or similarly sized boxes, you can subdivide your dresser drawers to give them more usability. This allows your socks and your ties to stay separate without getting scattered around the drawer.

Along with this tip, there is also the famous life hack for better organizing your dresser drawer. This hack says that if you fold your clothes and, instead of stacking the clothes one on top of the other, inserting them into the drawer like you would a movie case so they make a line from front to back. This not only gives you more space in the drawer, but also allows you to select a shirt or pair of pants more easily, and without having to dig through all your other clothes, making a mess.

4) Use magnet strips for your kitchen or bathroom

Magnets are a marvel of the natural world, and with their help, they can get your home not only organized but more efficient as well. Magnet strips can be bought, or made, for a fairly low price, and affixing them to a wall or the side of a cabinet is usually pretty easy. You may be asking yourself at this point, "How will a magnet strip help me get organized?" Well, it's pretty simple. If you use metal tools like knives in the kitchen and tweezers in the bathroom, then you could, when you're finished using them, stick them to the magnet strip and leave them there for the next time you plan to use it.

5) Use jars for small knickknacks

There are many things around our homes that can easily get lost, but a quick way to remedy that situation is to use old jars as makeshift containers. Once you are done with a jar of peanut butter, jam, or salsa, clean the jar up and keep it for the next time you need a container for all the loose coins or screws or nails you have lying around. If you want to go pro with this idea, however, you can also glue the lids of these jars to top off an existing cabinet for a hanging selection of clear containers in your kitchen, craft room, or garage.

6) Use old CDs to separate the clothes in your closet

Closest can be tricky. If you like to have your casual clothes separate from your work clothes, or your long sleeves from your short sleeves, you might want to consider using some old CDs to separate the different sections of the closet you want to have. All you have to do is to first cut a larger hole in the center of the CDs with a knife or saw so that it can slide easily over the hanging rod. Be careful as you cut this hole, though, CDs are tough and knives and saws are sharp - be careful not to hurt yourself. Next, all you need to do is label the CDs so you can identify the different sections of the closet.

7) Use a tension rod beneath the sink

If you have ever tried to organize underneath your kitchen or bathroom sinks, you'll know that it can be a struggle. But, with a bit of ingenuity and a tension rod, you can be one step closer to an organized under the cabinet. By putting a tension rod from wall to wall under a sink, a few inches below the sink itself, you can easily hang any spray bottles or rags that you have to store. This will utilize the rest of the space in your cabinet and free up space on the floor for anything else that needs to be under the sink.

Again, whether you are organizing a new home, or taming an old one, some extra organizational tips and tricks can be a big help. There are much more where these came from, however, so if you need more information, search the web and you'll find thousands of other organizational tricks, tips, hacks to make your life easier.