Top 10 Reasons to Consider the Hughes Group of Silvercreek Realty

In the Boise area, there are a lot of real estate agents as well a lot of real estate groups. But which can you trust? For the client looking to buy their ideal home or sell their current residence, how do you know which group will represent you correctly? What about for the real estate agent looking to join a group? What then? Do you just walk into a random group and automatically trust them? That is like buying a house sight unseen. You need to do research, in both situations. It is vital that a homebuyer or seller or an agent know what they are getting into when they are looking into a group. Here we will start by examining the Hughes Group from a client's prospective and then go on to looking at it from the prospective of an agent - if you are a real estate agent looking for a group to join, skip down about halfway.

Why would a homebuyer or seller trust the Hughes Group?

Hughes Group agents are licensed and vetted

While you can't act as a real estate agent until you are licensed, it is always important to remember that the agents here are both certified and vetted. They are legal agents and they are good at what they do.

The Hughes Group is a diverse group of experienced agents

Why should you care about how many agents work at the Hughes Group?

Well, the larger the group, the more knowledge, and resources your agent has access to. This knowledge and these resources will make your agent more effective and efficient at their job, making them better at finding the right home for you or making them a better sales person to sell your home sooner.

With the agents we have at the Hughes Group everyone has access to well over 100 years of real estate experiences. This is a valuable asset for anyone who wants to succeed in the real estate game.

The Hughes Group employs an amazing support staff

Again, this may not immediately seem like something that pertains to you as a client. However, a good support staff can be the difference between success and failure in real estate. The support staff at the Hughes Group is a collection of well-trained internet marketers, coders, and computer specialists. They work hard every day to make sure that the agents have everything they need, which means they make it so you have everything that you need as well.

The Hughes Group is well known for their work in the Treasure Valley

Never underestimate the value of a good reputation. The Hughes Group has been around Boise for a long time and they have worked hard since day one. You can ask anyone in the market about the Hughes Group and they will know who you are talking about, and usually have some good things to say about them. That is something you can't buy, you can only get that kind of good reputation for doing great work and doing well by your clients.

Hughes Group agents get lots of quality training

There are a lot of rules that go into real estate transactions - on both sides even - and these rules seem to change every year. Because of this inevitable changing of the rules it is always good to have some sort of regular training. And the agents at the Hughes Group get that training. This means that your agent will be up-to-date on all the new rules and regulations that could otherwise throw a wrench into the system causing all sorts of problems for you.

Hughes Group agents have access to all the supplies they could need

While the measure of a good agent is not in their supplies, they sure do help out a lot. From flyers to competitive market analyses, our agents have a wide variety of supplies that can make selling a home, helping you find one, a breeze. This will take a big headache of you and them knowing that they have what they need to do their jobs correctly.

Hughes Group agents also have access to many great tools

Your agent will also have access to computers, computer software, websites, copy machines, and so much more that allow them to help you. These tools also include networks of professionals that can help out in a plethora of ways.

The Hughes Group has some amazing websites

While websites were listed under the tools section, it is worth mentioning again. The Hughes Group has some of the most influential real estate websites in the area. When you search for Boise real estate in google, you can almost always find a Hughes Group website in the first page of results. This is great for you, not because our websites favor homes of our clients, but because it helps build brand recognition and that good reputation we talked about earlier so more people will be willing to trust and work with the Hughes Group.

Hughes Group agents have access to an awesome office that is both professional and comfortable

With all the great tools and resources we mentioned earlier there has to be a place to put it all. You see, at the Hughes Group office in Eagle your agent has access to all those resources we told you about as well as comfortable and professional meeting rooms. This means that you can easily meet your agent in a regular place that is both private and easily accessible.

The Hughes Group office always has snacks and drinks

This may seem weird at first, but hear us out. When you go to meet with your agent at the Hughes Group office, there will always be water, coffee, snacks, and so forth to eat. So, after a long day of house hunting or negotiating a sale, you and your agent can get a refreshing drink and something to eat.

Why should real estate agents join the Hughes Group?

This list is almost identical to the one above, but it is geared more toward agents. If you have any questions about joining the Hughes Group please call today!

At the Hughes Group, you have a whole team of agents to back you up Real estate can be lonely, as anyone who has tried it alone can tell you, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you join the Hughes Group you gain access to a massive group of friends and colleagues that can help, advise, and teach you. This is especially useful for new agents and agents that are new to the area. We like to see the group as a team. We are all friends here. If you have questions, ask; if you need help, reach out - everyone here will do what they can to help you out.

You get the help of a wonderful support staff

When you got into real estate, you probably didn't think, You know, I really want to spend hours making online marketing materials, designing flyers, and printing up relocation guides." No, you wanted to work with people, you wanted to work in real estate. To help you be successful, the support staff is here to ... well, support you. Now, they aren't your personal assistants, but they are there to help you in any way they can.

The Hughes Group has a great reputation

Let's face it, a good reputation is worth more than anything in this world. Socrates even once said, "regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of." We here at the Hughes Group have been building up a good name for some time now and we can share that good name with you - and that is something you can't buy.

At the Hughes Group you can get great training

Whether it is an annual recertification, a training on better customer service, or just one on goal setting, you can bet that they Hughes Group will find a way to get you there, or even bring the training to you. Not to mention our new agent training program helps you learn our systems and software as well as familiarize you with our company culture.

Hughes Group agents will have all the supplies they need

We will always strive to make sure there is paper, marketing materials, and everything else you may need. This includes our top-notch software and our signature processes. Not to mention we have yard signs of all kinds to choose from.

Agents at the Hughes Group get access to all the tools they'll need

Whether you need a computer, calling software, a database, or just about anything else, we have it here for you at the Hughes Group. We know that it is hard to do your job without the right tools. So, that is why we provide everything we can for our agents. We can get you relocation packets, CMAs, and more. Not to mention we have printers, computer stations - as we mentioned before - and a place to go and do your work. Now, we can't promise that we will have everything, but we will do what we can to make sure that you have what you need.

Our websites at the Hughes Group are amazing

When you google "Boise Real Estate" you will most likely find a few of the Hughes Group websites on the front page. This is thanks to our awesome tech department that keeps us up at the top. Our websites are optimized to get better google rankings and designed specifically to generate as many leads as we can handle. These leads funnel into our database and call systems so that you can not only find leads but retain them as well.

The Hughes Group office is professional and client friendly

There is nothing worse than not having a good office to take your clients back to. You don't want to meet with them at a coffee shop or some other public place. But, when you are part of the Hughes Group, you can bring them back here to meet, strategize, and sign papers. It is a great office that will show you are a respectable agent and give you a better sense of legitimacy. There are several places in the office where you can meet, as well as a nice waiting area if they get there a bit earlier than expected.

There are always snacks and drinks at the Hughes Group

You don't realize how good having snacks on hand is until you have spent an entire morning and afternoon house hunting and then have to turn around to meet some other clients at the office later that evening, with a mound of paperwork to take care of afterwards. At that point, having something other than granola bars to eat is amazing. There is coffee, soda, fruit, nuts, yogurt, cheese, and much more. So, no matter how hungry you get you can always count on there being something to snag.

We have excellent team lunches here at the Hughes Group

Though this doesn't seem like something that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a team to join, if you think about it, it's quite positive. And not for the obvious reasons of good food. In fact, team lunches do great things when it comes to building networks, comradery, and friendship in the workplace. These, in combination with some of our annual parties, make the Hughes Group a fun place to work - a place you may even be able to call home.

Choosing what team to join is a very important decision to make. If you want more information about how you can join the Hughes Group and what the Hughes Group can do for you, please call our recruiters today. They would love to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.