Wacky Basement Ideas

Is your basement boring? Do you wish that you could renovate the space below your home and turn it into something that would be the envy of all, even the Jones' down the street? Never fear! There are many creative ways to spice up your lower level living spaces. Some may seem a bit over the top, but hopefully they will get some creative juices flowing to pump you up and fuel your remodelling dreams.

When trying to inject some unique aspects into your basement, it is important to look at the things you love. Is bowling your jam? How about disco? The canvas that is your basement is blank and waiting for you to jump right in and turn drab into fab. You may be wondering if it's appropriate to own a pinball machine. Whatever strikes you as a fun idea is great in a space like the basement, which often is used to collect dust, jars of canned food, and spiders. Sweep out the cobwebs and you'll be amazed that you let that space go to waste for so long.

One Imaginative idea is great for water lovers and fun lovers alike. Creating an awesome, indoor pool could be loads of fun! Make sure, of course, that you check with contractors regarding the water table, etc. This specific idea may be slightly more difficult in an already existing home, but if you are building a home from the ground up, it may be the thing that brings enjoyment and functionality to your otherwise unused basement. Plus, you could build a slide from the floor above into the pool. Who hasn't dreamed of that?

If you aren't as interested in watersports, but instead are a lover of all things basketball, why not look into building a basketball court with a few bleachers in your basement? It's a twist on a home gym that would allow you to invite over friends and neighbors to enjoy a game regardless of weather. Outdoor basketball hoops have the chance of getting rained out and are particularly cold during snow season. Having an indoor space with a few hoops could be just the ticket to helping you exercise year round.

Many people use dancing as a great way to blow off steam and look pretty fly at parties, so why not look into turn your space into a dance studio. Put down some nice, polished flooring and ask anyone who enters to take off their shoes (unless they are dance shoes) in order to preserve the floor for your show-stopping pirouettes and exuberant jazz squares. Of course, it wouldn't be a proper studio if there weren't floor to ceiling mirrors. Depending on your favorite type of dance, you could include things like a ballet bar along the wall to stabilize and assist in practice.

Similar to the dance studio idea, or possibly even done in addition to it, is the idea of turning your empty basement space into a gymnastics studio or even a zen yoga studio. Line the walls with shelves that have space for giant exercise balls and medicine balls, or screw some silk ribbons into the ceiling to allow for aerial aerobics and aerial yoga practice. Complete the space with some mats to tumble on and others to use for yoga. Of course - don't forget the stereo system to help with creating either a more peaceful, relaxing environment to move through yoga poses or use the system to pump up the jams and create an active environment excellent for perfecting roundoff back-handsprings and front flips.

Another unique idea has been done before, but takes a bit of skill and knowledge to complete and maintain. Why not create an aquarium that is visible through an entire wall in your basement? Whether that means special ordering a tank, or planning ahead in the home building process to add a waterproof glass wall and aquarium space to an outer wall in your basement, this idea can be magical if executed correctly. Creating the illusion of being underwater with this idea can be really peaceful, plus, who doesn't like watching the fish swim about in their environment? Just make sure that, if this is your dream for your basement renovation, you are prepared to care for the plants and creatures in your care. Doing so will help their ecosystem to flourish, plus it'll help your little friends to maintain a happy, healthy life and in turn, will allow them to entertain you for longer.

Taking a step further with this idea can be appealing to many- muggles, witches, and wizards alike. Harry Potter is a popular theme that many like to use in decoration. Picking a specific Hogwarts house could be a great way to theme your basement. Using some of the ideas previously mentioned, a Slytherin common room theme would be perfect with the addition of aquariums to give it an underwater feel. However you choose to decorate, your remodel could include many aspects of the world created by JK Rowling. Add a quidditch court and brag to your friends and neighbors about your amazing skills. Perhaps you'd like to have a movie theatre in your basement, so you surround it with realistic looking trees and the whomping willow, complete with a couch made from the shell of an old car painted blue. If this sounds like your idea of a perfect basement, let your imagination run wild and make it happen.

Continuing in the vein of nerdiness, there is always the chance to turn your room into a set from your favorite show. It have been done with the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and could easily be done with other ships from many other shows- Serenity from Firefly or the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean for example. Or, if you have a favorite sitcom, try to recreate the living space that they use most frequently. Are the characters in a living room with an open kitchen concept? Now is your chance to binge watch the show and get the details down pat so that you can start painting and accessorising to create the ultimate hang out space.

The fact is that many people under appreciate their ability to create a space that they love out of an existing space. If you are struggling with ideas for your remodel, you need look no further than the passions you have inside yourself. Let them take you to a space that you didn't realize you needed until you created it yourself. Nothing is better than loving where you live.