What are the Perks of Suburban Life?

There are many options of places to live: in the city, in the suburbs, in rural towns, in a house, or in an apartment. Making a decision about where you are going to live can be daunting with all of the different places there are for sale. Depending on lifestyle, each one can have it's own merits, but let's focus on just one: suburban living.

Living in the suburbs can be a great decision for some people. Often times, it's a prime location for folks looking to settle down and plant some roots. Though this is not always the case, the suburbs do provide many opportunities that make staying in a home or apartment here a good idea. When looking for a place to live, the suburban areas tend to offer more of a variety of properties from which to choose. Though apartment buildings may not be as prevalent as in the city, they can still be found in suburbs, thus appealing to people who want a smaller space and no yard, but would rather live outside of the city. Purchasing a condo can be a great investment if this sounds like something that appeals to you. The majority of real estate in a suburb, however, is made up of single-family homes in neighborhoods. Depending on the area, it can be possible to find starter homes, one story, multi-story, split level, and many other homes. This variety makes it a nice place to check out different floor plans to see what works best for you prior to purchasing.

Typically, cities are quite expensive places to live compared to the areas surrounding them, at least as far as dollar to square foot ratio. In a city, you may find a small apartment for the same price as you could find a three bedroom home with a yard in a suburb. Overall, if you are looking for more space, it may be worthwhile to look into moving. This also brings up a perk that is pretty hard to find when living in the heart of the big city- yard space. Having a backyard can open up many social options such as backyard grilling, owning a pet that requires a lot of space, and gardening. While these options can be worked around in a cityscape, being able to have designated outdoor space that you can use for whatever you'd like can definitely be a large draw. Additionally, like homes, it's possible to find houses with many different shapes and sizes of yards, so if a large home with a small yard is what you seek, it can likely be found in a suburb.

Hustle and bustle can be loud and busy feeling, so many people report that they moved out of the city to find peace and relaxation. While it's not so quiet and calm as relocating to more rural areas, suburban living definitely can offer less noise pollution and light pollution than a city, thus allowing for calmer nights with a little bit of noise and energy outside during the day. Many areas in neighborhoods and such have streetlights, though, so there is still a sense of safety when walking outdoors in darker hours. Crickets can be heard in many places outside after dusk, whereas finding a cricket sound in the city is like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, suburbs tend to report that there is a lower crime rate than that which can be found in the busier, big city. Because of this, insurance companies often offer to insure a member for less than it would cost to have a car insured in city limits. Plus, there is less traffic congestion as a general rule, so traffic accidents are more infrequent as well.

Since much of developed suburbia tends to be laid out in neighborhoods, often people stay in their homes for a longer time than folks jumping from place to place in the city, so it could mean that getting to know neighbors and forming friendships with them may be more of a real option. There isn't a constant worry that they may be moving soon, which can be a deterrent to many who would otherwise spend time getting to know the people who live nearby. Depending on your personality, this may be a positive or a negative, but it can be nice to have people nearby who are familiar with events and goings on in the area.

One potential negative to people who work in the city is the need to commute from the suburbs to the city every day. This could play into budget as well because gas prices tend to fluctuate and public transportation can be a bit more spotty in less densely settled areas. Plus, if you are someone who loves having new restaurants, exciting clubs, and other cool entertainment options, driving into the city on weekends may be the only way to find these sorts of things because they are less frequently built in suburban areas. Though, it can be nice to be able to enjoy a night on the town, but to still be able to drive home and not feel the electric energy of the city around you as you wind down to sleep.

Deciding on where to live really depends on where you are at in life and where you are looking to be location-wise. Making a list of pros and cons can help to hammer out the big decision of where to settle down, but make sure to throw suburban areas into the mix- they are often the best choice and so many people enjoy the blend of two worlds- closeness and convenience such as can be found in city life and space and calm such as can be found in rural areas.