What Can the Treasure Valley Offer You?


For many people, having a regular place to shop is one of the most important amenities that a city can offer. In the Treasure Valley, there are hundreds of stores, shops, and wholesalers to choose from, but four of the most well-known shopping centers are first, the Boise Towne Square Mall; second, the Village at Meridian; third, Downtown Boise; and lastly, the Karcher Mall in Nampa.

Boise Towne Square Mall

The Boise Towne Square Mall is located in the part of town known as the Boise Bench. It is a two-floor mall with popular stores like Macy's, JC Penny, Sears, Hot Topic, H&M, and Build -a- Bear Workshop. It has a large food court with dozens of restaurants to choose from and even a play place or two. The Boise Towne Square Mall also has a several full-sized restaurants attached to it like Old Chicago and the Cheesecake Factory. This mall has come a long way in the last few years, adding newer and better shops every year to offer their guest the best experience possible.

The Village

In the few short years that the Village at Meridian has been in operation, it has quickly stolen the hearts of many Treasure Valley residents. Built to mimic a small European village, this quaint outdoor mall is located on the corner of Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue in Meridian. With its plethora of restaurants, specialty shops, a bowling alley, arcade, and a movie theater, the Village is a popular destination for many looking to have a good time. The Village is also built around the central courtyard which has a playground that turns ice rink in the winter time.

Downtown Boise

Despite Boise's considerable size, many people wouldn't think it to be a city with a thriving and exciting downtown life, but it does. It's dynamic and impressive collection of shops, restaurants, museums, and sporting events makes it a cultural and economic hub for the rest of the valley. Downtown Boise is also home to Boise State University, the Zoo, the State Capitol, and several museums. There are also a handful of residential areas of the downtown area as well as many condos and other urban living choices.

Karcher Mall

The Karcher Mall is located in downtown Nampa, Idaho's second largest city. It is the Treasure Valley's second mall and is fill of great specialty shops as well as a food court and much more. It had a rocky start but is quickly gaining momentum, drawing more and more people to it each month. It is also near to many of the other great shopping centers in Nampa, including several bulk food stores, many auto complexes, and much more.


Without libraries, most communities would be dreary and unfriendly places to live, which is why the Treasure Valley Library system is not only vast but user-friendly. With dozens of libraries in the valley, in various locations, the libraries of the Treasure Valley are a vital part of the community. There are many great libraries in the valley with many great attributes, but there are three of them that are well known and respected throughout the community - the Cole and Ustick Library, the Meridian City Library, and the Boise Downtown Library.

Cole and Ustick Library

Located on the corner of Cole Road and Ustick Road, the Cole and Ustick Library is very near the center of Boise. It is one of the few libraries in the city that is reachable by a large majority of the population. It is an aesthetically pleasing library with a wide variety of books, magazines, and movies to choose from. It is also built to double as a community center as it has several rooms that can be reserved to use for classes other community events.

Boise Downtown Library

This massive three-story library is located in the heart of downtown Boise. It is right across the street from Boise State University and behind the Anne Frank Memorial. It is a library with no small reputation as it has the largest collection of books in the valley. It is a great place for students working on projects, or just anyone looking to find a good read. There are also many specialty sections in the Downtown Library. For instance, there is an entire floor of the library that is devoted to foreign language study with books on obscure languages like Welsh and others.

Meridian Library

The Meridian Public Library is located in the center of the city, equidistant from the rest of the city. It is the City of Meridian's only library, so it is well trafficked and well loved. It has lots of books to choose from as well as computers to use and more.


Despite many people thinking that Idaho is strictly a rural state, there are many metropolitan perks that it can offer as well. The Treasure Valley, for instance, is full of great entertainment establishments that will keep everyone on the edges of their seats.


In the Treasure Valley, moviegoers of all kinds will be able to easily stay current on the latest Hollywood releases. In Boise alone there are two large megaplexes and couple of dollar theaters. However, around the valley, there are many other places to enjoy a movie for both full price and at a discount. Most of the theaters in the Treasure Valley have started bringing their ticket prices down to $5 on Tuesdays ($1 if it is a dollar theater). This has cause a quick rush to the theaters for many Treasure Valley residents over the last few months and, inadvertently, made Tuesday night movie night for many people.


If you like sports like golf, you will be very happy when you get to the Treasure Valley. There are numerous amounts of golf courses to choose from, many of which are at a very good price.

These are just a few of the many amenities of the Treasure Valley. Residents can enjoy many different and exciting opportunities. For instance, in the Treasure Valley, there are also museums, gyms, parks, restaurants, community events, and outdoor hotspots. So, come to the Treasure Valley today and find what there is for you!