Who are the Largest Employers in Idaho?

Melaleuca, which is based in the Idaho Falls area and calls itself The Wellness Company, prides itself on manufacturing safe, effective and environmentally responsible wellness products, including personal care products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, eco-friendly cleaners, and nutritional supplements. Their products are sold through their full-service catalog and on the internet with over $1.75 billion in annual sales. By eliminating the middle man they are able to reduce prices and invest more into research. The company is very employee centered, offering a complete benefits package, on site child care, fitness center, employee restaurant and cafeteria and discounts at local businesses.

Grocery store chains- Chains such as Albertsons and Winco with headquarters in Idaho, and Walmart, with thousands of stores as well as many Sam's Clubs in the state of Idaho, these chains or some of the highest employers in the state. Working retail can be fast paced but can also be tedious and boring. You will be standing on your feet for long periods so good shoes are a must. Jobs are available from entry level to corporate. Work hours can be daytime or night and weekends are usually part of the job description. Pay is competitive and benefits are usually offered to full-time employees. As in any job, the job atmosphere can vary with management and employees personalities but over all these companies seem to garner favorable reviews.

Micron Technology, Inc. - Micron is a leader in the semiconductor industry. It was founded in 1978 in Boise, ID., and has locations in 18 countries including several Asian countries, Italy and the UK. They hold over 26,000 patents in the areas of memory, storage, advanced solutions, and storage platforms. Collaborations with other technology-based companies such as Microsoft allows Micron to expand their technological offerings. Job opportunities range from maintenance to sales to engineering and new job opportunities are constantly being posted on their own web site as well as most job search sites.

Hewlett Packard offers hardware, software and related business services. They make and sell laptops, tablets, printers, desktop computers, inks and toners as well as business support services. They are headquartered in Palo Alto, CA but have offices throughout the world including Boise ID. With the recent restructuring, HP has seen a significant reduction in jobs in the Boise as well as other locations.

State Universities such as Boise State, Idaho State, and the University of Idaho collectively rate as some of the highest employers in the state with employees ranging from part time students to professors, to infrastructure support to sports and administration. Full-time employees are employed by the state and so receive benefits such as insurance, paid holidays and retirement benefits. Some tuition benefits are also available. Working in a university environment can be invigorating and creative. Campus activities such as sports events and theater are available to employees sometimes at reduced prices. Private universities and colleges also provide employment to many with BYU Idaho in Rexburg coming in at 21st on the list with over a thousand employees.

Hospitals and Medical Centers Such as St. Alphonsus Medical Center and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center are also large employers in Idaho. St. Luke's Regional Medical Center alone in Boise boasts 8863 employees. For people interested in service and people oriented jobs the hospitals and medical centers offer careers in a wide variety of skill sets. Not only do hospitals need doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, but they also need employees for food service, maintenance, human resources, volunteer services, IT, and many others. Depending on the job, work hours may be set or flexible with some employees working one shift for a few weeks and then being switched to another shift on a rotating basis. Because hospitals offer 24-hour services, night work may be required.

Maximus- Maximus is an international company with an office in Boise. It provides essential services such as health care coverage, sustainable employment, child resources as well as providing an independent appeals process for Medicaid and Medicare the to individuals in the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. They also assist clients to properly apply for and receive benefits such as SSI/SSDI and they assist higher education with software and consulting solutions.

Idaho Volunteer Fire Emergency Services Association located in Eagle ID, makes the list in a surprising way. Representing over 8000 firefighters and emergency medical technicians, 75% of whom are volunteers. IVFSA provides representation, recruitment as well as retention assistance, and education and training for volunteers. They also offer legislative representation. They are dedicated to providing benefits for Idaho's Volunteer Emergency Responders and to provide training for volunteers at no registration cost. Volunteers are also covered by an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy of $10,000 which is doubled in the line of duty.

Fast food companies- McDonald's makes the top 100 list of employers coming in at number 25, but if you include all the fast food companies in Idaho the number of employees would be staggering. Working in the fast food industry is not for everyone but turnover tends to be high so opportunities are usually available. While we usually associate fast food as jobs for teenagers there are a lot of opportunities and needs for older, more experienced employees and we are seeing more and more of those jobs being filled by more mature applicants. Working in fast food means standing on your feet for many hours at a time, dealing with people that usually are pleasant but can be difficult, and smelling like grease when you get home. Unless you are hired full time, you will probably not receive benefits, but check out the individual company. Some companies do offer insurance and most offer discounts on or free meals while you are on shift.