Why Boise

Living in Boise is a fantastic experience. When deciding whether a new location is the best option to move to, many people run to the internet. Why not take it from the locals? This article is a compilation of things that native Idahoans based in Idaho have mentioned and frequently talked about as the best parts of Idaho.

There are so many things that make living in the Boise area so wonderful. One is that there is easy access so many shops, health care places, and other amenities, and yet the crime rate is low, especially for Boise being one of the larger cities in Idaho. Many people comment on how the environment in the area is incredibly welcoming. There are many people, therefore it can be easier to find a niche or group of people who appreciate the same hobbies and share the same interests.

Another thing to touch on is Boise's great downtown scene. The old and the new marry beautifully as you venture through the streets of downtown Boise. Buildings from early days are showcased next to recently built buildings creating an interesting and unique skyline that blends and provides architectural intrigue. As you wander, you'll notice that there are many restaurants to choose from, spanning various cuisines and amounts of formality. From DK Donuts to Fork Restaurant, Boise has something to please every palate.

If music is your jam, then it'll please you to know that Boise is a stop on many band tours. The Knitting Factory, one of the local concert halls, has catered to many bands both local and internationally known- including singer, songwriter and record producer Ben Folds. Boise State University houses another great venue- the Taco Bell Arena. This locale is used for many things, not just concerts, but bands such as Maroon 5, Panic! At the Disco, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw can be seen here. Also, comedians such as Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan have been known to pop by and check out what Boise has to offer.

Boise holds a draw for many outdoor enthusiasts who would love to live in a city setting, but still have easy access impressive camping locations, striking mountain hikes, and resplendent waterways. Lucky Peak Reservoir is a fun park that has opportunities for fishing, biking, and splashing around next to recently built sand castles. Located in the mountains not too far from Boise, this is a great place to take a day trip with friends or on your own. People looking for a light hike that has a fantastic view (especially for sunrise and sunset) love Table Rock, which is located in the Boise foothills. Not only is it a fun place to hike, it also has many rock faces that provide great bouldering and climbing. Camel's Back Park is a great option that has a hiking area, yet also has some other cool things to do, including a newly built outdoor gym. The durable equipment is available year round, doesn't have a gym fee, and has instructions posted on the equipment for anyone interested in knowing more about how to use a specific piece. One more awesome outdoor past time for Boise natives is typically a summer activity and it involves giant circles of plastic filled with air- that's right! Floating the Boise River is a fun way to see gorgeous trees and small, natural beaches as well as keep cool in the hotter months. Something to note about the rivers in the area, it's quite rare to find rivers that are this well taken care of and clean the flow through other cities. Here in Boise, we know how to do the outdoors justice.

For anyone who thinks Idaho is just a rural state that grow potatoes, moving to the Boise area will be a pleasant surprise. This area has a large suburban population, so not everyone lives and works on farms. Many citizens do have gardens and there is still a smattering of farmland that produces wonderful crops- because of this, the Boise area has a wonderful tradition of farmer's markets. Who doesn't love being able to buy fresh produce and artisanal breads and other foods? Well, if catch yourself hoping for a larger version of what was just described, then the Hyde Park Street Fair is something to check out. Unlike weekly farmer's markets that crop up across the valley, the Hyde Park Street Fair is located in the north end of Boise near Camel's Back Park and is a three-day, yearly extravaganza of food, music, and fun.

Art in Boise has many avenues that showcase the talent of local artists as well as bringing in artists from all over the world to expand the horizons of everyone who wishes to view. The Boise Art Museum has lots of different programs and installations that fascinate all ages. In the past, they have showcased costume artists, historical installations, and various forms of art that border on your wildest imaginations. Or, for those looking to find art in less formal locations, downtown Boise is home to the stunning graffiti works known as Freak Alley. This alleyway is home to one of the largest outdoor galleries on the northwestern side of the states and is comprised of rotations of art created by invited artists. No matter when you arrive, you will always find something that you haven't noticed on previous trips to Freak Alley. It is an inspirational space sandwiched between a few shops, and yet it feels like it is an endless wonderland. Other galleries pop up throughout the Boise area that are fun to wander through, so make sure to look around to find and support the hole-in-the-wall art shops that pervade the area, and also make sure to check out first Thursday- an event that happens on the first Thursday of every month where many local businesses put new artwork on display.

Boise is the home of many people with many eclectic tastes and backgrounds. If you are longing to live in a place that feels homey, yet has lots of exciting opportunities to branch out and learn more things, check out Boise and the areas surrounding it. Coming from the many people who live there currently, you won't be disappointed.