You Should Move to Boise, Idaho

Whether you are looking at moving to Boise, Idaho for your career, family, or if you just need a change of pace, you should stop thinking about it. You should just move to Boise. You feel the undeniable draw of life in this thriving Idaho city. It's little wonder why. Do a quick search online, and you'll easily find Boise among top ten lists all over the internet. And Boise makes those top ten lists each year.

You'll find Boise listed in top ten lists like most beautiful city, best places to retire, best places to raise a family, best U.S. downtowns, and more. Once you visit Boise, you'll see exactly why. The scenery is beautiful, the culture is refined, the people are friendly, and the climate is mild. When it comes to quality of life, Boise is second to none. From excellent jobs, affordable housing, and a safe environment, Boise hits all the checkboxes on any relocation list.

A Remote Metropolis

Boise is a unique city with an equally unique lifestyle. It is nestled among beautiful foothills and sprawls through the Treasure Valley, with the Boise River twisting through its heart. Boise is the capital of Idaho, but it's also so much more than that. It's a metropolitan area with over half a million people. It's the largest in all of Idaho. Boise takes it one step further, though. It's the most remote metropolitan area in the entire United States.

This isolation creates an incredible community, combining all of the amenities of a much larger city with the friendliness and community of a small town. Unless you are purposefully heading to Boise, there is no other real reason to travel to this side of the state. And Boise has capitalized on that fact. It has taken its isolation as a plus and turned it into something incredible.

Within Boise, you'll find an incredibly diverse population and culture, with a Basque Block, Ballet Idaho, a symphony and opera, and incredible museums. You'll also be treated to an incredible farmer's market every summer, right in the heart of Downtown Boise. Local businesses take the spotlight here, from unique boutiques and coffee shops, to local breweries and vineyards. Boise may not be as big as Portland or Seattle, however, the Treefort Music Festival is the place to be for independent musicians and filmmakers. Life in Boise gives you everything you could want, with a delightful small town feel. It's the perfect fusion of urban and rural lifestyles.

A City of Recreation

You won't be without anything to do in Boise. Apart from a bustling city life and a thriving arts community, nature plays a big role in the Boise lifestyle. The Boise Greenbelt follows the river for miles, providing you with a terrific place to walk in nature. It also provides near instant access to the surrounding foothills and some of the best mountain biking in the state.

You love the outdoors, and so does Boise. Try surfing the Boise River, enjoy world famous whitewater rafting, take to the mountains in the winter for alpine and Nordic skiing. Fish the many rivers and lakes or just go camping. You don't even have to leave the city to enjoy biking, hiking, or fishing. Between the greenbelt, foothills, and surrounding recreational opportunities, Boise is your ultimate playground and outdoor enthusiast's heaven.

Welcome Home

From natives to transplants, they all agree: Boise is home. Boise is a great place to live, regardless of where you are in life. For a family, Boise offers exceptional educational opportunities through renowned school systems and Boise State University. For retirees, Boise offers easy access to anything you could want to do. No matter your reason, Boise is your home.

You'll find a mild climate, with winters that don't get too cold, summers that don't get too hot, a beautiful spring season, and a vibrant fall season. Boise is a safe place to live, with a low crime rate. You'll enjoy a healthy economy, a diverse mixture of business, local and otherwise, and beautiful communities and subdivisions that provide it all.

When you are looking for a city that you can truly call home in a beautiful state, you don't need to look any farther than Boise, Idaho. You'll enjoy a one of a kind lifestyle in city that has it all, except being a large city. Take a look at the real estate. Make the move. You won't be disappointed. Welcome home.